Administrator Information

Beginning January 1, 2016 , only CEU courses approved by CDSS (or Regional Centers, where applicable) may be taken for credit toward administrator certificate renewal requirements. See sections 84064.3(b) (GH), 85064.3(b) (ARF) or 87407(b) (RCFE) of the updated regulations for details.



The ACS supports administrators in meeting initial and continuing education certification training requirements through the Core of Knowledge curriculum and the posting of a list of third-party administrator training vendors.

The ACS has a NEW resource for administrators; a comprehensive list of approved administrator training courses.Administrators can now review course lists by program to determine what courses best meet their training needs. Administrators can then contact the vendor for more information.Until further notice, course lists will be updated on a weekly basis.


Due to the State of Emergency, the Administrator Exam has been suspended. At this time, the ACS is unable to provide the Exam electronically. For more information and further options, please see Community Care Licensing Division Provider Information Notice (PIN) 20-09-CCLD: UPDATED STATEWIDE WAIVERS FOR LICENSING REQUIREMENTS DUE TO CORONAVIRUS DISEASE 2019 (COVID-19).


*Note: Recommend use of mail service that provides delivery confirmation for administrator applications