Administrator Certification Renewal Procedures

Use the following checklists to ensure your application is complete (including all supporting forms and fees) and submit it to CDSS, Administrator Certification Section (ACS) at the above address. Keep a complete copy of your package for your records. If you have any questions about the application process, please first see the Administrator Information page and then, if necessary, email or call (916) 653-9300.

Important Note:delinquency fee ($300.00) is assessed in the following examples:

  • When an application for recertification is received after the certificate expiration date. This applies to each recertification period that is beyond the expiration date.
  • When an incomplete application for recertification is received prior to the certificate expiration date, but the application does not become complete until after the certificate expiration date.

If renewing on time (prior to certificate expiration), OR within two (2) years of certificate expiration, submit:

  • A completed Application for Administrator Certification (form LIC 9214 printed from our website)
  • A check or money order for $120 payable to the Department of Social Services (OR for $420 if you’re renewing after your certificate expired). Please include your administrator certificate number on your check. Paperclip your check to your documents; do not staple or glue.
  • Proof of completion (e.g., copies of completion certificates from course vendors) of forty (40) hours of continuing education (OR twenty (20) hours for RCFE/NHA certificate holders) sufficiently related by subject matter and logic to the Core of Knowledge for your certificate type (e.g., ARF, GH, STRTP, RCFE) and provided by approved vendors per program regulations. The total units must include:
    • At least four (4) hours of instruction in laws, regulations, policies and procedural standards that impact your type of care facility (e.g., ARF, GH, STRTP, RCFE);
    • If not included in your ICTP, at least one (1) hour of instruction in cultural competency and sensitivity in issues related to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.
    • For RCFE (and RCFE/NHA) certificate holders, at least eight (8) hours in subjects related to serving residents with Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementias
  • If applicable, for RCFE applicants only, a copy of your current Nursing Home Administrator license.

If renewing more than two (2) years but less than four (4) years after certificate expired, submit:

  • All of the above (including a $300 check or money order, for a total of $420) plus
  • Proof of completion of an additional forty (40) hours of continuing education (or 20 for RCFE/NHA certificate holders), including an additional four (4) hours in “laws, regulations, etc.” and eight (8) hours in dementia subjects as detailed above

Note that certificates cannot be renewed if they have been expired for more than four (4) years.

Key References available on the administrator regulations page: California Health and Safety Code sections 1522.41(f), 1562.3(f) and 1569.616(f) California Code of Regulations Title 22, Div. 6, sections 84064.3 (GH), 85064.3 (ARF), 87064.3 (STRTP), and 87407 (RCFE).