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New: CDSS has revised the ARPA survey to meet federal requirements. As a result, all child care providers must complete a new American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) survey.


The mission of the Child Care and Development Division (CCDD) is to build, strengthen, and maintain an equitable, comprehensive, quality, and affordable child care and development system for the children and families in our state; to integrate child care with other CDSS programs and services that serve the whole child and whole family; to address social determinants of health and adverse childhood experiences which significantly impact long-term outcomes for children; and to provide vital supports to the child care and development workforce and programs for children to have access to equitable and stable child care and development opportunities.

The CCDD provides planning, policy direction, and oversight of the majority of state-supported child care and development programs and services in California. These include programs that provide a variety of state-subsidized child care services, quality improvement plan activities, local child care and developmental informed programs and policies, while providing robust technical assistance and support to counties, contractors, and stakeholders.

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For an overview of the programs administered by the Child Care and Development Division (CCDD), please visit our Child Care and Development Programs webpage..

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