Child Care Licensing

***2019 Fire and Public Safery Power Shutoff Help and Information***

Please contact your local child care licensing regional office if your facility has been impacted by the fires in any way.

The below links contain the most up to date information available for fire and power shutoff information

- Power Outage and Fire Recovery Resources

- Public Safety Power Shutoffs Resource Guide

- Disaster Help Center

The core mission of the Child Care Licensing Program is to ensure the health and safety of children in care. The Child Care Licensing Program strives to provide preventive, protective, and quality services to children in care by ensuring that licensed facilities meet established health and safety standards through monitoring facilities, providing technical assistance, and establishing partnerships with providers, parents, and the child care community.

The Child Care Licensing Program provides oversight and enforcement for licensed Child Care Centers and Family Child Care Homes through 19 Regional Offices located throughout California.

All children and families, regardless of age, ethnicity, cultural background, gender, socioeconomic status, or ability, are afforded the same protections under law and regulations for child care facilities.

Questions regarding the Program can be directed to your local Regional Office, the Child Care Advocate Program (916-654-1541), or the Centralized Complaint and Information Bureau.

VIDEO: An Overview of Child Care Licensing

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