Community Care Licensing Division Data Hub

Welcome to the centralized data hub for the Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD). This page contains information about licensed facilities, providers and other performance metrics and reports. Links are provided to available CCLD data. For information about a specific program, please visit websites for the Adult Care Program, Senior Care Program, Child Care Program, Children’s Residential Program and the Home Care Services Branch.

Licensed Capacity Year Over Year Change by County and Program
This PDF provides heat maps and tables of the capacity change by county and program year over year.
Facility and Capacity Data
This annual report reflects the total number of facilities and capacity each year by facility type for all programs beginning June 2017.
Licensed Child Care Trends
This report examines Licensed Child Care data using a 5-Year summary covering calendar years 2017– 2019 as a baseline for pre COVID-19 closures and licensures compared to closures and licensures during the pandemic in calendar years 2020 and 2021.
General Statistics About Licensed Facilities
Most Commonly Cited Deficiencies
This page provides a list of PDFs of the most commonly cited deficiencies by year and facility type.
CCLD Transparency Website
This site allows users to search for facility specific compliance history by facility number or location.
CCLD Disaster Information (ASC Facility Relocation Status)
This site will have postings when Adult and Senior Care facilities are evacuated due to a disaster.
Child Care Fatality Data
This page provides information on child fatalities by facility type and year for the last five years.
Downloaded Data Law Enforcement Contacts in Children’s Residential Program (CRP) Facilities (AB 388) 2016-2021
This page provides information and outcomes regarding law enforcement contacts made by different facility types on a regular basis; this page includes Data Information Description, Aggregate Incident Data by facility type for Law Enforcement Contact, and Law Enforcement Contact Incident Data for each facility type by year.
Inspection Process Project Webpage
This webpage provides an overview of the Inspection Process Project, including inspection project vision, inspection project tool development, Inspection Project Process updates and inspection project survey results.
Report: AB 388 Report to Law Enforcement Contacts with Children’s Facilities
Assembly Bill 388 requires CDSS to provide information about incidents concerning children in Children’s Residential Facilities which result in contact with a law enforcement agency.
Report: SB 484 Reports (Psychotropic Medication Usage in Licensed Group Homes and Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Programs)
These annual reports summarize the findings from inspections conducted in accordance with the mandates of HSC section 1536(f). CCLD uses the data collected from these inspections to better inform oversight and monitoring of psychotropic medication usage for children placed in GHs and STRTPs.