Lead Testing and Prevention Information in Accordance with AB 2370, Chapter 676, Statutes of 2018

This webpage is designed to provide information and resources about lead testing and will be updated periodically. It is recommended to visit this webpage for latest information.

Provider Information for Parents & Families about Lead Poisoning

All licensees (Child Care Centers and Family Child Care Homes) must provide the following flyer to parents and families upon enrolling or reenrolling any child.

Provider Information Notices (PINs)

  • PIN 22-06-CCP - Lead Testing in Child Care Centers – Frequently Asked Questions
  • PIN 21-21-CCP - Release of the Written Directives for Lead Testing of Water in Licensed Child Care Centers Per AB 2370
  • PIN 21-04-CCP - Availability Of State And Federal Funding To Test Drinking Water For Lead Contamination In Child Care Centers And For Remediation (Correction) Of Lead Contamination
  • PIN-20-12-CCP - Written directives for lead testing in child care centers will be delayed due to COVID-19
  • PIN-20-01-CCP - Required Lead Testing for Drinking Water in Licensed Child Care Centers and the Provision of Lead Exposure Information to Parents and Guardians by All Licensed Child Care Facilities
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Additional Resources

For more information about locating an External Certified Water Sampler, click here or email CCCWaterTesting@dss.ca.gov.


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