Disaster Services Branch

The Disaster Services Branch (DSB) of the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) supports counties and Tribal Nations in providing temporary shelter, feeding, and other services for persons affected by a disaster or emergency. The mass care and shelter disaster response function is delegated to the DSB through an Administrative Order issued by the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES).


The mission of the DSB is to serve, aid, and protect individuals and families affected by disasters and emergencies by supporting local government to provide excellent training, preparedness, response, and recovery services for mass care and shelter activities. In accordance with the California State Emergency Plan, the CDSS leads the California Emergency Support Function 6 (CA-ESF 6): Mass Care and Shelter for disaster response. The DSB serves this requirement by working with impacted local and Tribal Governments, private and non-profit organizations, and other state agencies to provide disaster survivors with needed services such as sheltering, feeding services, family reunification, and human social services in support of emergency response and recovery efforts. In addition to implementing the CA-ESF 6: Mass Care and Shelter Annex, DSB partners with many agencies for planning, response, and recovery from disasters. Key partnerships include the Cal OES, the California Department of Public Health, Emergency Medical Services Authority, American Red Cross, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Small Business Association, as well as local social services departments, and other CDSS Divisions.

Field Operations Bureau

The Field Operations Bureau (Field Ops) works closely with all 58 counties across California before, during, and after a disaster to assist with preparedness, response, and recovery activities. Field Ops is organized among the Inland, Coastal, and Southern regions to efficiently and effectively coordinate resources in the form of personnel, equipment, and supplies to support shelter operations.

Disaster Grant Assistance for Individuals and Families

The CDSS DSB can provide grant assistance through two programs: The State Supplemental Grant Program (SSGP) and the Disaster Case Management Program (DCMP).

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