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A continuing care provider is an individual, partnership, corporation or other entity that has applied for, and received, a Certificate of Authority from the Department of Social Services to enter into continuing care contracts with senior citizens at a continuing care retirement community.

Reporting Requirements

Under the Health and Safety Code continuing Care providers are required to report to the Department:

Any changes to its name, business structure or form of doing business, overall management of its continuing care retirement community, or terms of its financing within 60 days in advance of the change (see Health and Safety Code section 1789).

A disclosure statement in a form prescribed by the Department. This form must be updated each year and submitted with the provider's annual audited financial statement and annual reports. Providers are responsible for delivering this financial disclosure form to depositors or prospective residents before a deposit agreement or continuing care contract is executed (see Health and Safety Code section 1789.1). This form can be downloaded from the Annual Report Forms.

Any transaction that results in an encumbrance or lien on a continuing care retirement community property or its revenues at least 90 days prior to closing the transaction. Within 10 calendar days after submitting notification to the Department, providers must also notify the resident governing body or association (see Health and Safety Code section 1789.2).

The sale or transfer of the continuing care retirement community or any interest in that community within 120 days prior to consummating the proposed transaction (see Health and Safety Code section 1789.4)

Annual audited financial statements and annual reports. The annual report includes liquid reserve, debt service reserves, operating expense reserves, refund reserves, financial disclosures, and a key indicator report. Audited financial statements and reserve reports are due four months after a provider's fiscal year end, with the key indicator report due 30 days later. Audited financial statements and reports must be submitted in triplicate.

Providers must submit an annual fee with the audited financial statement and annual report. Annual fees are calculated at 1/10th of one percent of the providers total operating expenses allocated to continuing care residents, excluding debt service and depreciation (Health and Safety Code section 1791). Checks for annual fees must be payable to "CONTINUING CARE PROVIDER FEE FUND".

Annual Report Instructions

Annual Reporting Instructions and Forms

Form 1-1 – 1-2
Form 5-1
Form 5-2
Form 5-3
Form 5-4
Form 5-5
Form 7-1

Disclosure Statement FYE 2019
Disclosure Statement FYE 2018
Key Indicators Report Projected 2020
Key Indicators Report Projected 2019


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