Resources for County Agencies and CDSS Regional Offices


If you're working for a county agency or CDSS regional office conducting background checks, these reference materials will assist you.

Adam Walsh Information

Administrative Certification Bureau

All County Information Notices (ACINs)

Appendix H

Background Check Laws and Regulations (and use the Documents in Sequence at the bottom of the page to scroll through)

Background Check Process

California Background Clearance Listing

California Department of Justice

  • (916) 227-2300

Delays and Reject Notices

California Child Care Resource & Referral Network

  • (415) 882-0234

Evaluator Manual Updates


Fingerprinting and LiveScan information

Forms and Publications

Frequently Asked Questions

Home Care Aides and Home Care Organizations

Information Releases

Non-Exemptible Crimes

Transferring an Exemption

Transferring a Clearance

Transparency Listing