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Latest News

  • Thank you to all of the counties who participated in the bi-annual TCVAP caseload survey report.  The TCVAP program is compiling the latest reports on TCVAP caseloads  and will be providing the results to our Fiscal team who will determine the allocations.  Counties will be informed of their allocation through a All-County Fiscal Letter.
  • Upcoming training in Madera County.  The TCVAP will be holding and in-person training in Madera county this fall.  All surrounding counties are invited to join in a multi-county training to learn about the TCVAP, how to report on the county survey, and building partnerships with local service providers.  To join us in the training, please contact the Refugee Programs Bureau.
  • Sac POST happening throughout California on October 16.  Business and agencies who can come into contact with a possible crime victim are required to post an informational poster in 3 languages to inform the public of available services.  Local Sacramento Rescue & Restore Coalition are teaming up with local service providers to spread the word and post posters.  For more information please contact the Sacramento Rescue & Restore Coalition.