Allocations and Fiscal Claiming

The TCVAP is a state-funded program.  Allocations are based on county reported caseload information which is collected through the TCVAP client count survey twice a year.  Funding is distributed based on each county’s percent to total of the TCVAP client count survey results.  Information on allocations and fiscal claiming can be found below.

Financial Planning

In addition to TCVAP allocations and local assistance estimates, other funding sources may become available.  Information on additional funding resources can be found on the CDSS Fiscal/Funding webpage.

Program Allocations

Funding for the TCVAP is allocated each year following the approval of the respective California budget act.  Allocations cover costs related to county administration, employment and social services, and child care costs. Budget augmentations, if any occur in the latter half of the budget year.  Counties have the flexibility to spend their allocations across program areas and activities if needed. Please refer to each years CFL for details.

Fiscal Claiming

TCVAP administrative and service expenditures are claimed through time studies conducted by the counties.  Information on claiming instructions, Program Claiming (PC) codes, and Program Identifier Numbers (PINs) can be found below:

TCVAP PC codes are 100 percent General Fund with no county share of cost.  Expenditures that exceed the state allocation will be transferred to county-only share via State Use Only Code 715.  The two PCA codes available for the TCVAP are:

  • 713 TCVAP Noncitizen Administrative and service
  • 714 TCVAP Noncitizen Services Child Care Costs

To report the most accurate financial claiming for TCVAP please collaborate with the TCVAP program managers who submit the TCVAP client count survey.   

TCVAP Survey Instructions

Instructions and more information on the bi-annual TCVAP survey can be found on our Program Reporting webpage.