Refugee Programs Bureau (RPB)

For more information and resources to support Afghan newcomers, visit Afghan Arrival Response.

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Cuban/Haitian Entrants

You may qualify as a Cuban/ Haitian Entrant if you are a Cuban or Haitian national: 1) granted parole as a Cuban/Haitian Entrant; 2) in removal proceedings, or 3) with an application for asylum pending.

For more information, please find the PDF named “Benefits for Cuban/Haitian Entrants” on the ORR Resources-Fact Sheet page.

Expedited Licensure Process

For Refugees, Asylees, and Holders of Special Immigrant Visas Holder


The RPB’s mission is to provide state-level leadership and coordination of programs and services to achieve successful resettlement and integration of vulnerable populations in California.  Our vision is to empower individuals to successfully transition and grow in California communities.

Who We Serve

Refugee youth, adults, families, and other vulnerable populations including:

What We Do

The RPB oversees culturally-sensitive and linguistically-appropriate services that helps clients attain the skills needed to achieve self-sufficiency and a successful integration. We achieve our goals by partnering with counties, resettlement agencies, school districts, and community based organizations. Programs include:

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