Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act Overview

California law established the Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act which, as of January 2016, requires Home Care Organizations to be licensed and creates a public online registry for Home Care Aides who have been background checked. This law is intended to promote consumer protection for elderly and disabled individuals who hire private aides to come into their homes and provide assistance with activities of daily living.

The Home Care Services Branch oversees the licensing and oversight of the Home Care Organizations, the application process for the Home Care Aides, and the maintenance of the Registry. The Care Provider Management Branch oversees the criminal background check process.

The Home Care Services Branch is governed by Division 2, Chapter 13 of the California Health and Safety Code.

Provider Information Notices

The Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD), including the Home Care Services Branch (HCSB), uses Provider Information Notices (PINs) to formally communicate important license-related information to licensed providers. Each PIN is catalogued numerically by year, sequential order of PIN release, and applicable program acronym.

Please click the link to view HCSB's PINs.

Contact Us

Community Care Licensing Division
Home Care Services Branch
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Phone: (877) 424-5778
Email: HCSB@dss.ca.gov

Home Care Organization Complaints

How can I file a complaint regarding a licensee, staff person, caregiver, or home care organization? Visit the CCLD Complaint Hotline page for contact information and more. Remember, when you report suspected licensing violations, you protect persons in care and perform a service to your community.

Information on reporting suspected abuse or fraud is available on the Reporting page. Local law enforcement and Adult Protective Services or Child Protective Services will be responsible for conducting an investigation.

For general licensing inquiries, contact the HCSB.