The Care Provider Management Bureau (CPMB) is working on the development and implementation of a new background check data system. The name of the system is Guardian and is expected to go live January 2021.

Guardian will ensure background checks are completed faster and more efficiently, while also making the process easier for TrustLine applicants and agencies. All users of Guardian will be able to upload documents electronically, track their exemption status, and applicant users will be able to receive communications from CPMB through their respective portals. Another added benefit of Guardian is the online payment capability for TrustLine Registry applicants. TrustLine agencies will have the ability to associate an individual to their agency and manage their rosters online.

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When it comes to entrusting children to a nanny or babysitter, parents know they must select a caregiver very carefully. Until now, parents interviewed, checked references and evaluated the provider's character using their own best judgment. Now there is additional help.

The TrustLine Registry was created by the California Legislature to give parents an important tool to use when selecting a caregiver for their children. All child care providers listed with TrustLine have submitted their fingerprints to the California Department of Justice and have no disqualifying criminal convictions in California.

TrustLine is a powerful resource if you want to hire a nanny or license-exempt child care provider. But it is still your responsibility to make certain that a caregiver is cleared by TrustLine.  Once you have hired a caregiver, you also should call TrustLine from time to time to see that the provider is still in good standing. Nannies and babysitters placed through an employment agency must be listed on the TrustLine registry or be a current applicant.

TrustLine uses the California Criminal History System, administered by the Department of Justice, to check the fingerprints of applicants.  California's Child Abuse Central Index also is examined for substantiated child abuse reports, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal history records are examined.  The California Department of Justice provides updates to ensure the continued eligibility status of a registrant. 

The following additional information and materials are available to help you.

California Child Care Resource & Referral Network

  •  (800) KIDS-793

California Department of Justice

  • (916) 227-2300

Check whether a specific child care provider is registered on TrustLine

  • (800) 822-8490

Find the Child Care Resource & Referral Network chapter that serves your community

  •  (800) KIDS-793

For more information about TrustLine, visit the TrustLine website or call (800) 822-8490

Trustline Forms

  • TLR 1 (12/15) - Trustline Registry "The California Registry Of In-Home Child Care Providers" - Subsidized Application
  • TLR 2 (12/15) - Trustline Registry "The California Registry Of In-Home Child Care Providers" - In-Home/License Exempt Child Care Provider Applicatio
  • TLR 3 (2/11) - Trustline To Community Care Licensing Criminal Background Clearance Transfer Request
  • TLR 4 (2/16) - TLR 4 (2/16) - TrustLine Registry "The California Registry of In-Home and License-Exempt Child Care Providers" Ancillary Day Care Center
  • TLR 301E - Trustline Reference Request - Exemption
  • TLR 508 (10/09) - Trustline Registry Criminal Record Statement
  • TLR 9163 (12/15) - Request For Live Scan Service For Subsidized TrustLine Registry Applicants
  • TLR 9163A (10/15) - Request For Live Scan Service for TrustLine Registry Applicants

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the background check process

Resources for agencies using the TrustLine Web Application to administer subsidized child care