Guardian is now live!

Please visit the appropriate blue boxes below webpage for more information, training resources and links to the system.

To check the background check status of a potential employee without using Guardian, please visit the new publicly available Background Check Search website.

If you have any questions regarding Guardian, please contact CDSS at

What is Guardian?

Guardian is a new electronic data system, designed to streamline the background check process for all licensed care, including the TrustLine Registry, Home Care Aide Registry and Community Care Licensing staff. The new system will replace the current CBC system, and the current transfer functionality and ability to view rosters in the Licensing Information System (LIS) will be relocated to Guardian. Guardian will provide new self-service options to applicants, registrants, agencies (facilities) and Regional Offices without intervention by the Care Provider Management Bureau (CPMB). The term "agencies" is inclusive of all licensed facilities, Foster Family Agencies, Home Care Organizations and TrustLine agencies.

For more information, please refer to PIN 20-03-CCLD or contact the Care Provider Management Bureau at

Note: All TrustLine agencies, registrants and applicants must refer to the Guardian for TrustLine expandable box for TrustLine specific information.

The following section is applicable to all licensing applicants, Home Care Aide registrants and Home Care Aide Registry applicants.

Guardian Access

Licensee User Access forms, as outlined in PIN 20-20-CCLD are still being accepted. If you have already submitted your Licensee User Access form, please refrain from sending in another copy as they are being processed in the order they are received.

In accordance with PIN-20-20-CCLD, a Licensee User Access Form has been sent to all licensee mailing addresses, requesting information to create a unique Guardian user account. The form is to be completed under penalty of perjury that all information provided is true and correct. The Licensee User Access form will ensure only authorized users will have the appropriate access to Guardian.

Please return the form via email to

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