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On behalf of the staff of the State Hearings Division, I want to welcome you to our website. We created this site to provide useful information to individuals involved in our hearing process, including claimants, authorized representatives and county staff, and anyone interested in the public assistance hearings we provide.

Our staff takes pride in serving the people of California by ensuring that all individuals involved in our hearing process are treated fairly and with respect, and by providing due process hearings and legally correct decisions. This website is an additional step in fulfilling our goals.

Margaret A. Boyd
Chief Administrative Law Judge

Mission and Values:


The mission of the State Hearings Division is to resolve disputes of applicants and recipients of public social services in an impartial, independent, fair, and timely manner, ensuring that due process is met in accordance with federal and state law.


  • We value our role in reviewing administrative actions in a fair, impartial and timely manner, ensuring that individuals and families receive the assistance to which they are eligible under the law.
  • We value dignity, integrity and compassion in the performance of our mission, according utmost respect and professionalism to all persons.
  • We value our role as part of a strong California Department of Social Services by anticipating the future, planning strategically and managing change.
  • We value our role in providing excellent internal and external stakeholder service by ensuring that stakeholders can have their concerns heard and that we are sensitive to their perspectives.
  • We value a professional and supportive work environment that strives to be the workplace of choice.

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California Department of Social Services
State Hearings Division

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Toll Free: (800) 743-8525 or (855) 795-0634

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