CFSD Letters and Notices 2023


ACIN I-45-23 (August 15, 2023)
Clarification Of Responsibility For Fiscal Penalties Due To Non-Compliance With New Data Reporting Requirements For The Adoption And Foster Care Analysis And Reporting System Based On Updated Federal Regulations Set Forth In Title 45 Code Of Federal Regulations Sections 1355.41-1355.47 Published In May 2020

ACIN I-37-23 (July 27, 2023)
Instructions For The Submission Of The Fiscal Year 2022-23 Office Of Child Abuse Prevention Annual Report

ACIN I-31-23 (May 26, 2023)
Fiscal Year 2022-23 County Children's Trust Fund Share Of Kids' Plate Revenue

ACIN I-30-23 (May 31, 2023)
Update to Adoption Regulations, Title 22, Division 2

ACIN I-29-23 (May 23, 2023)
Implementation of Indian Child Welfare Act Hotline

ACIN I-27-23 (May 15, 2023)
Child and Family Services Review Round Four Introduction

ACIN I-17-23 (April 25, 2023)
Updates To The Supplement To The Rate Requests For Dual Agency Aid To Families With Dependent Children-Foster Care, Adoption Assistance Program And Kinship Guardianship Assistance Program Children Quarterly Statistical Report, FC-AAP-KG 84

ACIN I-13-23 (April 3, 2023)
Fiscal Year 2022-23 Allocations And Reporting Requirements For The Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention Program

ACIN I-12-23E (June 9, 2023)
Errata To All County Information Notice No. I-12-23 To Correct Incorrect Welfare Institution Code Created By Assembly Bill 2317

ACIN I-12-23 (April 7, 2023)
2022 Chaptered Legislation Affecting Child Welfare Services And Foster Care Programs

ACIN I-10-23 (March 17, 2023)
Update To The Format And Distribution Of The Family Urgent Response System Summary Report

ACIN I-09-23E (April 18, 2023)
Errata To All County Information Notice No. I-09-23 Guidance Regarding COVID-19
Vaccination Eligibility For Minor Foster Youth 6 Months Of Age And Older

ACIN I-09-23 (March 17, 2023)
Guidance Regarding COVID-19 Vaccination Eligibility For Minor Foster Youth 6 Months Of Age And Older

ACIN I-08-23 (March 2, 2023)
Revised Transitional Independent Living Plan

ACIN I-07-23 (February 22, 2023)
Prohibition On Placement Of Foster Youth In Out-Of-State Residential Facilities

ACIN I-04-23 (February 2, 2023)
Required Survey Of Completed Training By Probation Officers And Supervisors Working In Placement Units

ACIN I-03-23 (January 31, 2023)
Modified Complex Care Child Specific Funding Request Template To Replace The Original Version Attached To All County Letter (ACL) 21-119 On Complex Care Funding Opportunities Under Assembly Bill (AB) 153


ACL 23-69 (August 4, 2023)
Adoption Assistance Program Rates

ACL 23-68 (August 4, 2023)
Clarification Of U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services Policy Memo 602-0165: Additional Suitability Related Issues And Pre-Adoption Requirements

ACL 23-66 (August 9, 2023)
Reconciliation Of Child Abuse Central Index Records

ACL 23-65 (July 27, 2023)
Aid To Families With Dependent Children-Foster Care California Necessities Index Increases

ACL 23-64 (July 31, 2023)
Safety Assessment, Emergency Removal And Emergency Placement Of Indian Children

ACL 23-63 (July 25, 2023)
Assembly Bill 2495 (Chapter 159, Statutes Of 2022) Addressing Adoption Codes, Amongst Other Codes Impacted By This Legislation

ACL 23-62 (July 18, 2023)
Revised Guidance For The Child Welfare Services-California Automated Response And Engagement System Project For Core Constituent Participation

ACL 23-55 (June 28, 2023)
Advance Planning Document Process For Electronic Data Processing Equipment And Services Related To Child Welfare Services

ACL 23-52 (June 5, 2023)
Haaland et al. v. Brackeen et al.

ACL 23-51 (June 9, 2023)
Assembly Bill 2309: Guardianships

ACL 23-50 (June 6, 2023)
Newly Issued Departmental Form AD 907A

ACL 23-49 (May 31, 2023)
Guidance On Tribal Participation In System Of Care Memorandum Of Understanding Per Assembly Bill 153

ACL 23-46 (May 11, 2023)
Indian Child Welfare Act Inquiry, Reason To Believe, Reason To Know, And Notice Requirements

ACL 23-43 (May 10, 2023)
Assembly Bill 2595 – Parental Cannabis Use

ACL 23-42 (May 16, 2023)
Senate Bill 1054: Confidentiality Agreement For Multidisciplinary Teams

ACL 23-41 (May 26, 2023)
Family First Prevention Services Act, Family First Transition Act, Transition Grant And Certainty Grants, Annual Reporting Instructions, Fiscal Year 2021-2022

ACL 23-40 (April 26, 2023)
Reports To The Court On Housing Referrals, Pertinent Document Access, And Benefit Information Provided To Dependent Youth Before Reaching Age 18

ACL 23-39 (April 17, 2023)
Association Of Administrators Of The Interstate Compact On Adoption And Medical Assistance Database – The Interstate Compact On Adoption And Medical Assistance System

ACL 23-36 (April 18, 2023)
Mandatory Continuing Training Topic For Child Welfare Social Workers And Supervisors, Fiscal Year 2022-23 And 2023-24

ACL 23-32 (March 24, 2023)
Documenting Placement Information For Children, Youth, And Nonminor Dependents In The Child Welfare Services/Case Management System

ACL 23-31 (March 16, 2023)
Placement Equity For Resource Parents

ACL 23-29 (March 20, 2023)
New Statewide Policy On Referring Families With A Child In Foster Care To Child Support Agencies

ACL 23-28 (March 22, 2023)
Updated Supplemental Security Income Application And Qualification Guidelines To Assist Foster Youth And Nonminor Dependents (Senate Bill 187)

ACL 23-27 (March 3, 2023)
National Youth In Transition Database Survey: 17-Year-Old Follow-Up Population Of The Fifth Cohort

ACL 23-24 (February 28, 2023)
Transitional Housing Program-Plus Extension To Age 25 And For Up To 36 Months

ACL 23-23 (February 23, 2023)
Family First Prevention Services Program, Comprehensive Prevention Plan Submission Deadline Extension, Comprehensive Prevention Plan Approval Process And Family First Prevention Services Opt Out Process

ACL 23-22 (February 22, 2023)
Provision Of Forms JV-220(A) Or JV-220(B) And Psychotropic Medication Sheets To Caregivers

ACL 23-16 (February 13, 2023)
Students In Foster Care High School Coursework And Graduation Requirement Exemptions

ACL 23-15 (February 2, 2023)
Disciplinary Action Notifications For Students In Foster Care

ACL 23-12 (February 2, 2023)
Excellence In Family Finding, Engagement, And Support Program And The Center For Excellence In Family Finding, Engagement, And Support

ACL 23-10E (March 15, 2023)
Errata To All County Letter No. 23-10 Supporting The Sexual And Reproductive Health And College Access For Youth In Foster Care

ACL 23-10 (January 25, 2023)
Supporting The Sexual And Reproductive Health And College Access For Youth In Foster Care

ACL 23-09 (January 26, 2023)
Enabling Name Changes In The Child Welfare Services/Case Management System To Support A Foster Child’s/Non-Minor Dependent’s Gender Identity

ACL 23-08 (March 12, 2023)
Independent Living Program Annual Narrative Report For Federal Fiscal Year 2022

ACL 23-05 (January 23, 2023)
New Legal Standard Of Clear And Convincing Evidence For Reasonable Services Findings At All Juvenile Dependency Review Hearings During Reunification

ACL 23-04 (January 15, 2023)
Translated Court Report, Case Plan, Transition To Independent Living Plan, And Foster Youth Bill Of Rights

ACL 23-02 (January 1, 2023)
Flexible Family Supports And Home-Based Foster Care Funding

ACL 23-01 (January 9, 2023)
Expansion And Clarification Of Definition For Eligibility For The Family Urgent Response System For Caregivers And Children Or Youth


CFL 22-23-54 (January 26, 2023)
Child Welfare Services Automated Data Processing County Annual Planning Document Update

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