Child and Family Teams (CFTs)

During this state of emergency related to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the CFT process serves as an essential strategy to ensure families and providers can continue caring for children and that the county is aware of the practical and emotional needs of caregivers and children. The CFT also will serve as a critical point of communication, support and response for circumstances when a child, caregiver or staff become exposed to COVID-19. CDSS recommends that CFT facilitators employ techniques provided in ACL 20-25 to help ensure ongoing engagement with children and families. These best practices for CFTs and CANS have been compiled from suggestions by the Regional Training Academies and the Praed Foundation. In addition, further resources and guidance can be found within this webpage under “COVID-19 Resource” subheading.

There is an increasing body of evidence showing that services for children and families are most effective when delivered in the context of a single, integrated team that includes the child or youth, his or her family, natural and community supports, and professionals. In California, the Child and Family Team (CFT) process is key to the success of the Continuum of Care Reform efforts and the well-being of children, youth, and families served by public agencies and their partners. It is based on the belief that children, youth, and families have the capacity to resolve their problems if given sufficient support and resources to help them do so. [Learn more]

To learn more about how the CANS and the CFT process work together, please follow the links below.

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