Self-Assessment Guides and Key Indicator Tool (KIT)

As part of Community Care Licensing Division's (CCLD's) continued efforts to work with licensees to ensure compliance with licensing requirements, CCLD has developed Self-Evaluation checklists and Self-Assessment Guides.

The Self-Evaluation Checklists cover only the most serious violations --those that present immediate or substantial threats to the physical health, mental health, or safety of those in your care. The checklist will assist the licensee in routinely reviewing their facility's operation to ensure that licensing requirements and other applicable laws are met in order to ensure better protections for children and adults in our Community Care Facilities.

The Self-Assessment Guides have been used by licensees for several years. They are a comprehensive assessment tool designed to assist the licensee, and others responsible for administration of the facility, perform periodic self-assessments of facility operations. The Self-Assessment Guides list some of the most common problem areas found by Licensing Program Analysts when they make their visits. CCLD promotes the routine use of Self-Assessment Guides not only to ensure compliance with licensing regulations, but also for peer review purposes.

The Self-Evaluation Checklists and Self-Assessment Guides do not contain a complete list of licensing regulations. They include many of them, but do not replace the regulations. When Licensing Program Analysts visit, they may look at more than what is listed in these guides. Therefore, it is important that you are familiar with all licensing regulations at all times. It is hoped that by using these guides, licensees can find problems and correct them before they become serious. We encourage you to involve staff, friends, parents, and others in this self-evaluation/assessment process as well.


“NOTE: In the event of a discrepancy between the English and Spanish versions, the English version shall govern pursuant to Health and Safety Code section1596.855(c).”


Following are the Self-Assessment Guides that we encourage licensees to use periodically in order to conduct comprehensive evaluations of their facility operations:


Adult and Senior Care Self-Assessment Guides

Children's Residential Self-Assessment Guides