CCLD Ethics Helpline

At Community Care Licensing (CCLD) we strive to foster a work environment based on integrity and accountability. As part of our continuing efforts to ensure our licensing staff meets these professional standards, we encourage you to use the CCLD Ethics Helpline to confidentially report allegations of improper conduct and unprofessional behavior by a CCLD staff, or situations that were not resolved by reporting such conduct to a CCLD management staff person. If you feel that a member of the CCLD staff has engaged in unethical or improper conduct, please call the Ethics Helpline at 1- (855)-305-7848.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the number that I call to complain about a person who works for or operates a community care licensed facility? (Family child care homes, daycare centers for children, foster homes, group homes, adult day care centers, adult residential facilities or residential care facilities for the elderly.)

No. If you would like to file a complaint against a facility staff person or facility operator, please contact the Community Care Licensing regional office that licenses and monitors that facility.

Is the Ethics Helpline only to make complaints against the state employees who work for CCLD?


Who may file a complaint on the Ethics Helpline against a CCLD employee?

• Anyone who works in a community care facility.
• Anyone else, including the public.

May I file a complaint anonymously?

You have a right to file a complaint without providing us with your name or any other information about who you are and how we may contact you. However, we may not be able to investigate your complaint if we cannot discuss and clarify the information you have provided. Please keep in mind that if you identify yourself to us, we are committed to confidentiality and will not reveal your identity to anyone without your permission. The only exception would be to appropriate law enforcement personnel if conducting a criminal investigation regarding the allegations.

What are things that can be investigated?

• Any violation of state or federal law by a CCLD employee.
• Gross misconduct by a CCLD employee.
• Significant waste or misuse of state resources, including employee time.

What should I include in my complaint? 

• A clear and concise statement of the allegations you believe to be unethical, improper or unprofessional conduct.
• Include dates, times, and locations.
• The name or other information that clearly identifies the person you are alleging has acted improperly and identify the (CCLD) office the individual works in, if known.
• Witnesses (names and contact phone numbers) who may confirm the information you are providing.
• Information regarding evidence to support your allegation.
• Your contact information.

What happens after I file a complaint? 

Your complaint will be evaluated to determine if there is sufficient information and merit to warrant an investigation. If an investigation is conducted, it will be conducted in strict confidence. We will not contact you unless we need additional information from you. If your complaint does not fall into the realm of improper conduct, but still requires our attention, we will redirect your information to the appropriate CCLD manager for follow up.

What can CCLD do if the improper activity is substantiated?

A confidential investigative report will be given to the Deputy Director of Community Care Licensing and disciplinary or corrective measures will be taken if necessary.