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Resource and Referral programs provide information to all parents and the community about the availability of child care in their area. The programs assist potential providers in the licensing process; provide direct services, including training; and they coordinate community resources for the benefit of parents and local child care providers. These services are available in all 58 California counties. (See WIC section 10219)

R&R Resources:

Health and Safety Training:

All 69 of California’s R&R programs facilitate provider reimbursement for demonstrated completion of Emergency Services Authority approved course work (including waivered health and safety coursework), for licensed center staff, licensed family child care providers, and license-exempt providers. R&Rs with certified staff may facilitate classes as well.

Preventive Health and Safety Practices Regional Trainers:

A network of 17 R&Rs provides preventive health and safety coursework (Trainer of Trainers) both online and in person. University of California San Francisco (UCSF) provides approved trainer coursework and technical assistance for the hub trainers. Certified Preventive Health and Safety Training Affiliates are available throughout California to provide the eight hours of low or no cost Preventive Health and Safety training as required by the California Department of Social Services and Community Care Licensing Division (CDSS/CCLD) as well as Disaster and Emergency Planning training as outlined in the California Child Care Disaster Plan. Visit UCSF California Child Care Health Program, Disaster Prepardness is a search and support website that offers a customizable child care search tool and live support from local child care counselors to help families make the best child care choices for their children. With, parents can access the information they need to find child care they can trust, and providers can easily promote their services to families who need them. Learn more here:

Resource and Referral Program Service Data Report (RRAS) portal launching October 2, 2023

The newly housed California Department of Social Services (CDSS) Resource and Referral Program Data Report (RRAS) portal is now live! The first reporting period will be October 1st to October 31st.

The new RRAS portal address is:, please utilize the RRAS job aids provided via email. If you have not received a job aids, please email us at

New features of the CDSS RRAS reporting portal:

  • Multiple users with unique logins can be added per agency; agency email addresses are strongly recommended
  • Password reset is now possible
  • User-friendly reporting navigation

If you have further questions regarding the RRAS portal, or have any questions with the registration process, please email us at

Required Reporting:

Program Service Data Report

  • Q1 (July-September), Due last day of October
  • Q2 (October-December), Due last day of January
  • Q3 (January-March), Due last day of April
  • Q4 (April-June), Due last day of July

Resource and Referral Service Data Reports

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