Resource Parent Recruitment, Retention and Support Resources

Foster Parent Recruitment, Retention and Support Funding

In 2015, to address an anticipated increase in the needed number of caregivers resulting from the implementation of the Continuum of Care Reform effort, the CDSS initiated a time-limited, multi-year augmentation of realigned recruitment funds, known as Foster Parent Recruitment, Retention, and Support Services (FPRRS).  The funds are allocated to individual counties for recruiting, retaining and supporting foster caregivers.  For more information, including allowable activities and county plans and reports, visit:

Or contact:
Foster Caregiver Policy and Support Unit:
744 P Street, MS 8-13-78  
Sacramento, CA 95814  
(916) 651-7465

Watch Jesus, a foster youth, and his father share their story of how they became family, creating a new story for their lives.

Resource Tools from Denise Goodman, Ph.D.

These tools can help you as you develop and implement resource parent recruitment strategies to support placement stability and permanency for children and youth in foster care.

  1. Child Specific Recruitment Case File Review Tool
    Tool used to review the child’s and family case records.  Can serve to satisfy several case management responsibilities.
  2. Placement EcoMap
    Visual tool used to highlight relationships between child/youth, their family and social networks including activities and interests that are important to them.
  3. Step by Step: Developing a Targeted Recruitment Campaign
    Ten steps to building a solid recruitment campaign.
  4. Top 10 Ways to Support Resource Families
    From the Security Officer to Social Workers/Probation Officers to Managers and Attorneys this is a compilation of simple, yet effective ways to support resource families specific to the role in your agency. (Developed by San Joaquin County in consultation with Dr. Denise Goodman)

Video Clips:

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Stakeholder Quarterly Meeting 3/12/2019

More tools will be added soon!