Background Check Search Website


The purpose of the Background Check Search Website is to allow those who do not use Guardian, the new background check system used by the Care Provider Management Bureau (CPMB – formally known as Caregiver Background Check Bureau), to independently check the background check status of potential employees. If you or your potential employee(s) have been fingerprinted as part of a required background check, you may use this website to view the status in real time.

To utilize the Background Check Search Website, you will need the applicant’s first name, last name, date of birth, and either their Per ID or the Facility (license) Number.
- A Per ID (personnel identifier) is the 10 digit identifying number assigned to an individual when fingerprints are submitted or an application in Guardian is created.

Agencies that choose to not participate in Guardian are reminded that if a potential employee has completed a background check at another facility, you must submit a Criminal Background Clearance Transfer Request (LIC 9182) or Criminal Record Exemption Transfer Request (LIC 9188) form with required documentation to your local licensing office to have the individual associated to your agency.


Guardian is an online tool to assist you and your applicants in the background check process. As an agency user you will be able to:

  • View and manage your own roster;
  • Perform real time associations and disassociations for your agency;
  • Initiate background checks;
  • View and manage the exemption process for an applicant;
  • Receive electronic communications from CBCB.

If your Agency wishes to utilize the Guardian system, you may request access by completing and submitting a Licensee User Access Form.

More information, included detailed user guides and video tutorials can be found on CPMB's Guardian webpage.


To protect the privacy of personal information, associations to Foster Family Homes, Certified Family Homes, Resource Family Homes, Small Family Child Care Homes will not be displayed. To check the registration status of a Home Care Aide, please visit the Home Care Aide Registry.

Only the following types of responses are available:

    Records show that this individual has been approved for employment or presence in this agency. This may be used by the Agency as official notice that the individual has passed all statutory requirements of the background check process. The Agency may print this page as documentation of eligible status to be kept in the individual’s personnel file. If there are changes in an individual's background check status, the Agency the individual is associated to will be notified in writing. Note: this response includes individuals who have been granted a background check clearance or a criminal record exemption.
    Records show that the background check process has been initiated for this individual associated with this facility; however, it has not been completed pursuant to statutory requirements. If you believe the process time has been longer than described in the Background Check Process, please contact your local Regional Office for more information.
    Records show that this individual has not been approved for employment or presence in this facility, pursuant to statutory requirements of the background check process.

NOTE: If the individual does not match with the facility, please verify the search information is correct. If the information is correct, please contact your local Regional Office for more information.