1982 All County Information Notices

ACIN I-01-82 (January 6, 1982)
Quality control Bureau Reorganization

ACIN I-02-82 (January 8, 1982)
Questions And Answers On Recent Food Stamp Changes

ACIN I-03-82 (January 11, 1982)
State Verification Regulations - Food Stamp Program

ACIN I-04-82 (January 14, 1982)
Services Provided By The Relinquishment Adoptions Bureau

ACIN I-05-82 (January 15, 1982)
AFDC-QC Error Rates

ACIN I-06-82 (January 15, 1982)
WIN AFDC Applicants To Be Changed To Non-WIN

ACIN I-07-82 (January 19, 1982)
Federal Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act Regulations (Part I) Impact On AFDC Forms

ACIN I-09-82 (January 22, 1982)
Revisions To The DFA 327.7A And B

ACIN I-10-82 (January 22, 1982)
Foster Care Information System - Microfiche Report

ACIN I-11-82 (January 27, 1982)
Workshops On New State Adoption Regulations On Taking Relinquishments And Consents

ACIN I-12-82 (January 29, 1982)
Social Security Benefit Verification System Training Manual And Social Security information Request And Referral Form (CA 810)

ACIN I-14-82 (February 1, 1982)
Treatment Of Social Security And Railroad Retirement Benefits As Child Support

ACIN I-15-82 (February 1, 1982)
Honda vs Schweiker

ACIN I-16-82 (February 4, 1982)
Monthly Eligibility Report (A7) Reporting Deadlines

ACIN I-17-82 (February 9, 1982)
Advance Notice To AFDC Recipients Of The Four-Month Limit On The $30 and 1/3 Earned Income Disregard

ACIN I-18-82 (February 10, 1982)
Disability Insurance Abstract (DIB 100)

ACIN I-20-82 (February 18, 1982)
Recent Legislation Regarding Court Adoption Records

ACIN I-21-82 (February 19, 1982)
Bethany Christian Services

ACIN I-22-82 (February 23, 1982)
Verification Of Marriages And Marriage Dissolutions

ACIN I-23-82 (February 25, 1982)
Reminder Notice To AFDC, RCA and ECA Recipients On Reporting Income Tax Refunds

ACIN I-24-82 (March 1, 1982)
IHSS Program Regulations (SB 633)

ACIN I-25-82 (March 2, 1982)
Child Welfare Services Assessment And Service Plan Workshop

ACIN I-26-82 (March 3, 1982)
Revision Of The Adoption Placement Services - relinquishment Program Quarterly Statistical Report. Form AD 56-C And Reporting Instructions

ACIN I-27-82 (March 10, 1982)
Multicultural Coordinating Council For Children And Families, INC

ACIN I-28-82 (March 12, 1982)
California's AFDC Quality Control - Corrective Action Report For October 1980 - March 1981

ACIN I-29-82 (March 15, 1982)
Appellate And Supreme Court Decisions Affecting Adoptions

ACIN I-30-82 (March 18, 1982)
Unaccompanied Minor Semi-Annual Report

ACIN I-31-82 (March 18, 1982)
Change In Quality Control Error Appeal Process

ACIN I-32-82 (March 22, 1982)
Statistical Reporting - DPA 266, fraud Investigation Activity

ACIN I-33-82 (March 23, 1982)
Foster Care Information System - Microfiche Reports

ACIN I-34-82 (March 26, 1982)
AFDC Forms Impacted By The Federal Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act Regulations (Part II)

ACIN I-35-82 (March 26, 1982)
Revised CA 6 (3/82) Alien Status Verification

ACIN I-36-82 (March 31, 1982)
The Impact Of SB 311 On The Welfare Fraud Program

ACIN I-37-82 (March 31, 1982)
Multiple-Page Notices Of Action

ACIN I-38-82 (March 31, 1982)
Green v. Obledo

ACIN I-39-82 (April 2, 1982)
Prior Approval Needed To reduce Certification And Issuance Services

ACIN I-40-82 (April 5, 1982)
Holt International Children's Services, INC

ACIN I-41-82 (April 5, 1982)
Revised Form CA 7 (For Monthly reporting Of AFDC/FS Information Jointly, And RCA/ECA)

ACIN I-42-82 (April 6, 1982)
Targeted Assistance For Entrant High-Impact Areas

ACIN I-43-82 (April 7, 1982)
Sponsored Aliens In The AFDC Program

ACIN I-44-82 (April 14, 1982)
Reduction Of U.S. Postal Services Issuance Fees And Proposed Changes To Direct Mail Issuance

ACIN I-45-82 (April 27, 1982)
Foster Care Information System training Follow-Up

ACIN I-46-82 (May 7, 1982)
Food Stamp Program Informational Activities

ACIN I-47-82 (May 11, 1982)
Confidentiality Of Adoption Case Records

ACIN I-48-82 (May 11, 1982)
1981 intake Decision-Making Survey Findings

ACIN I-49-82 (May 11, 1982)
IHSS Payroll System, Change Of Address And County Assignments

ACIN I-51-82 (May 17, 1982)
Volunteer Services

ACIN I-52-82 (May 17, 1982)
Suspension Of Annual Report On public Welfare Employees (Form WP-19.5)

ACIN I-53-82 (May 19, 1982)
Records Retention - ABCD 278L

ACIN I-54-82 (May 21, 1982)
Reduction Of Title XX Reporting Requirements

ACIN I-55-82 (May 24, 1982)
FNS reporting Procedures

ACIN I-56-82 (May 26, 1982)
Training - Food Stamp Program Fiscal Reports (FNS-46, FNS-209, FNS-250)

ACIN I-57-82 (May 26, 1982)
California Interstate Compact On The Placement Of Children (ICPC) Unit's Administrative And Consultant Area Assignments

ACIN I-58-82 (June 1, 1982)
AFDC Eligibility And CETA Title IV-C Summer Youth Employment Program Income

ACIN I-59-82 (June 1, 1982)
Transfers From RCA To AFDC-U

ACIN I-60-82 (June 1, 1982)
Title IV-A Eligibility Worker Training

ACIN I-61-82 (June 3, 1982)
FY 1981/82 Cost Control Plan

ACIN I-62-82 (June 3, 1982)
Laws Relating To Adoptions - 1981

ACIN I-63-82 (June 7, 1982)
Benefit Payment Issuance Survey

ACIN I-64-82 (June 8, 1982)
Reporting Instructions For AFDC-FC Rates

ACIN I-65-82 (June 10, 1982)
Cost Of Living Increases In Social Security And Railroad Retirement

ACIN I-66-82 (June 11, 1982)
In-Home Supportive Services Payrolling System Contract

ACIN I-67-82 (June 14, 1982)
County Share Of Cost In The In-Home Supportive Services Program

ACIN I-68-82 (June 14, 1982)
Adult Programs - Monthly Statistical Report (ABD 216), Interim Assistance To Applicants For SSI/SSP - Monthly Statistical Report (Former Form ABD 217), And Caseload And Expenditures Report - General Relief (Form GR 237)

ACIN I-69-82 (June 15, 1982)
Payment Control - Food Stamp Program

ACIN I-70-82 (June 16, 1982)
Emergency Assistance Program Implementation

ACIN I-71-82 (June 17, 1982)
Application Of Regulations To Overpayments Occurring Prior To April 1982

ACIN I-72-82 (June 21, 1982)
In-Home Supportive Services - Workers' Compensation For Individual Providers

ACIN I-73-82 (June 21, 1982)
Assembly Bill 2315

ACIN I-74-82 (June 25, 1982)
Relinquishment Forms

ACIN I-75-82 (June 29, 1982)
Reduction In Reporting Requirements On Form AD-42R, Individual Record - Relinquishment Adoptions, And Form AD-421, Individual Case Record - Independent Adoptions

ACIN I-76-82 (June 30, 1982)
Determining Shelter Expenses For Food Stamp Purposes When A Food Stamp Household Pays Housing Costs With Nonhousehold Members

ACIN I-77-82 (June 30, 1982)
Requirement - Social Needs Children Available For Adoption

ACIN I-78-82 (July 7, 1982)
Combining Of Forms AD 90, Supporting Information For Issuance Of Department Acknowledgement And Waiver, And AD 550, Acceptance Of Child For Initial Study

ACIN I-79-82 (July 7, 1982)
Foster Care Information System Questions Regarding Procedure On Foster Child's Data record And Population Definition

ACIN I-80-82 (July 7, 1982)
Edwards v. Myers Court Case

ACIN I-81-82 (July 13, 1982)
Submittal Of form AD-42R, Individual Record - Relinquishment Adoptions

ACIN I-82-82 (July 14, 1982)
1982 California State Foster Parents Association Training Conference

ACIN I-83-82 (July 14, 1982)
Funding For Administration Of The Food Stamp Program On Indian Reservations

ACIN I-84-82 (July 15, 1982)
Performance Standards Project

ACIN I-85-82 (July 16, 1982)
Food Stamp Eligibility And Benefit Level Determinations For Military Personnel

ACIN I-86-82 (July 16, 1982)
Home Exemption For Seasonal Workers

ACIN I-87-82 (July 21, 1982)
SPAN Project

ACIN I-88-82 (July 21, 1982)
Questions And Answers From March, 1982 Training Workshops On Regulations For Relinquishment And independent Adoption Programs

ACIN I-89-82 (July 21, 1982)
Case And Recipients Not Paid AFDC Because The Grant Was Under $10

ACIN I-90-82 (July 23, 1982)
Effects Of SSI/SSP Cost-Of-Living Increases On In-Home Supportive Services And Out-Of-Home Care Services For Adults

ACIN I-91-82 (July 23, 1982)
Clarification Of Reporting Instructions, Adoption Placement Services Relinquishment Program Quarterly Statistical Report Form AD56-C

ACIN I-92-82 (July 26, 1982)
Revised Form CA 2 (Statement Of Facts Supporting Eligibility For Assistance)

ACIN I-92-82 (July 26, 1982) Errata
Revised Form CA 2 (Statement Of Facts Supporting Eligibility For Assistance)

ACIN I-93-82 (July 26, 1982)
AFDC Family Group And Unemployed Report On Reasons For Discontinuance Of Cash Grant (ABCD 253)

ACIN I-94-82 (July 26, 1982)
RCA/ECA Eligibility For The Father Of An Unborn Child; And Time-Eligibility For AFDC And SSI/SSP

ACIN I-95-82 (July 27, 1982)
SOC 319 And The Indian Child Welfare Act

ACIN I-96-82 (July 29, 1982)
Use Of Alien Status Verification (Form CA 6) In The AFDC Program

ACIN I-97-82 (July 30, 1982)
Warehouse Closure For Inventory

ACIN I-98-82 (July 30, 1982)
Feedback About Child Welfare Services Assessment And Service Plan Workshops

ACIN I-99-82 (August 3, 1982)
Corrective Action Stuffer Project

ACIN I-100-82 (August 4, 1982)
$1 Million Respite Day Care Contract

ACIN I-101-82 (August 5, 1982)
Interception Of State Income Tax Refunds To Collect Delinquent Restitution Of AFDC And Food Stamp Overpayments

ACIN I-102-82 (August 9, 1982)
Turner v. Woods

ACIN I-103-82 (August 10, 1982)
General Notice To Nonfederal AFDC-U Recipients Of The Three-Month Limit On Eligibility Under The State AFDC-U Program

ACIN I-103-82 (August 11, 1982) Errata
General Notice To Nonfederal AFDC-U Recipients Of The Three-Month Limit On Eligibility Under The State AFDC-U Program

ACIN I-104-82 (August 12, 1982)
March 26, 1982 Letter Regarding Food Stamp Quality Control Error Data

ACIN I-105-82 (August 13, 1982)
California's AFDC Quality Control - Corrective Action Report For April - September 1981

ACIN I-106-82 (August 16, 1982)
California Interstate Compact On The Placement Of Children (ICPC) - Adoptive Placements And Foster Care Placements

ACIN I-107-82 (August 16, 1982)
Cost-Of-Living Increases - Budget Restrictions

ACIN I-108-82 (August 16, 1982)
Emergency Assistance

ACIN I-109-82 (August 18, 1982)
Assembly Bill 21, Passed 6/30/82, Pages 250 - 253: Refugee Resettlement Program, FY 1982-83 Budget Control Language

ACIN I-110-82 (August 18, 1982)
Medical Report (CA 61, Formerly CA 341)

ACIN I-111-82 (August 19, 1982)
Food Stamp, Design Change, $10 Food Coupons Series 1982, $50 and $65 Books

ACIN I-112-82 (August 20, 1982)
Reduction In Reporting Requirement On Form AD-42R, Individual Record - Relinquishment Adoptions, And Beginning Of Temporary Supplementary Reporting In Conjunction With Form AD-56C, Adoption Placement Services - Relinquishment Program, Quarterly Statistical Report

ACIN I-113-82 (August 20, 1982)
Foster Care Information System - SOC 158 Data Elements Requiring Completion By Professional Staff

ACIN I-114-82 (August 23, 1982)
Statistical Reporting On Form AD-42R, Individual record - Relinquishment Adoptions

ACIN I-115-82 (August 23, 1982)
Unaccompanied Minor Semi-Annual Report

ACIN I-116-82 (August 26, 1982)
Verification Checks For Potential Duplicate Participation In The Food Stamp Program

ACIN I-118-82 (August 26, 1982)
County Forms Catalog

ACIN I-119-82 (August 30, 1982)
SB 14 Implementation Training Schedule

ACIN I-120-82 (August 30, 1982)
Adoption And Foster Care Minority Home Recruitment Project

ACIN I-121-82 (August 31, 1982)
Adjustments To the Thrifty Food Plan

ACIN I-123-82 (September 2, 1982)
CWD Salary & Benefit Statement, FY 1982/83

ACIN I-124-82 (September 3, 1982)
State-Only AFDC-U Program Implementation

ACIN I-125-82 (September 3, 1982)
Workshops On State Regulations For The Adoption Assistance Program And Interlocutory Decree of Adoption Process

ACIN I-126-82 (September 13, 1982)
AFDC QC Error Rates

ACIN I-128-82 (September 15, 1982)
Refugee/Entrant Program Eligibility Transition - SB 1326 Implementation

ACIN I-129-82 (September 16, 1982)
Release Of Revised AFDC Recipient Handbook

ACIN I-130-82 (September 17, 1982)
Adoption Resource Referral Center (ARRC)

ACIN I-131-82 (September 17, 1982)
AB2695 Implementation Issues

ACIN I-132-82 (September 17, 1982)
County Welfare department Family Planning Responsibilities

ACIN I-133-82 (September 27, 1982)
Offers To microfilm Records Free

ACIN I-134-82 (September 30, 1982)
Changing For UI/DI Wage Claim Requester Code Data (DE 8720 System) Provided By Employment Development Department (EDD)

ACIN I-135-82 (September 30, 1982)
SPAN Project Status And Its Impact On County EDP Development

ACIN I-136-82 (October 5, 1982)
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

ACIN I-137-82 (October 6, 1982)
Notices Of Action Discontinuing State-Only AFDC-U

ACIN I-138-82 (October 14, 1982)
Workshops On Family Reunification Program And Permanent Placement Program

ACIN I-139-82 (October 14, 1982)
Beginning Date of Aid For Alien Applications Pending INS Verification In The AFDC Program

ACIN I-140-82 (October 19, 1982)
Two New Poster: 1) CA 7 Completion, and 2) Fraud Prevention

ACIN I-141-82 (October 21, 1982)
Use Of CA 7, Monthly Eligibility Report, For Food Stamp Reporting

ACIN I-142-82 (November 1, 1982)
New IHSS Regulations

ACIN I-143-82 (November 3, 1982)
Invitation For BID (IFB-DSS-83-01) - Statewide IHSS Case Management, Information, And Payrolling System

ACIN I-144-82 (November 3, 1982)
New Service For The Visually Impaired - "Vision Volunteers"

ACIN I-145-82 (November 4, 1982)
Need To Submit A Proposal In Order To Complete For The Delivery Of Expanded Support Services To Refugees For Federal Fiscal Year 1983

ACIN I-146-82 (November 4, 1982)
State-Only AFDC Unemployed Program

ACIN I-147-82 (November 5, 1982)
Allowance Of Mandatory Payroll Deductions (Turner v. Woods) And The Disallowance Of Earned Income Disregards In AFDC, RCA, And ECA

ACIN I-148-82 (November 5, 1982)
Waiver Of Confidentiality Of Adoption Records

ACIN I-149-82 (November 9, 1982)
California's AFDC Quality Control - Corrective Action Report For October 1981 - March 1982

ACIN I-150-82 (November 22, 1982)
Vaessen v. Woods: Treatment Of Income Tax refunds, State Hearings, Retention Of Records In AFDC, RCA And ECA

ACIN I-151-82 (November 23, 1982)
Providing Adequate Notice

ACIN I-152-82 (November 24, 1982)
Reporting Of Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) Cases On Form AD-42R, Individual Record - Relinquishment Adoptions

ACIN I-153-82 (November 24, 1982)
Administration Review Plans

ACIN I-154-82 (November 24, 1982)
Change In Due Date For WIN SAU Staffing Report, Form SAU-7

ACIN I-155-82 (December 2, 1982)
Limit On Distribution Of ACL's And ACIN's

ACIN I-156-82 (December 2, 1982)
Reduction Of Reporting Relinquishment On Form AD 42-I, Individual Case Record, Independent Adoptions, And Beginning Of Reason For Dismissal Reporting On Revised Form AD 56-D, Quarterly Statistical Report On Independent Adoptions

ACIN I-157-82 (December 2, 1982)
Revision Of Form AD 56-D, Independent Adoptions - County Agencies, Quarterly Statistical report

ACIN I-158-82 (December 8, 1982)
Adoption Assistance Program Forms

ACIN I-159-82 (December 8, 1982)
Memorandum Of Understanding Between The Department Of Social Services (DSS) And the Western Regional Office, American National Red Cross (ANRC)

ACIN I-160-82 (December 14, 1982)
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

ACIN I-161-82 (December 17, 1982)
Change In Submittal Dates For Adoption Summary Report Forms; Forms AD 56-A, AD 56-C, AD-56-E, And AD 202-B

ACIN I-162-82 (December 21, 1982)
Revised CA 2.1 (10/82) Child Support Notice And Agreement

ACIN I-164-82 (December 28, 1982)
Emergency Response Policy-Chapter 461 (AB 2449)

ACIN I-165-82 (December 30, 1982)
1982 Laws Relating To Child Welfare Services

ACIN I-166-82 (December 30, 1982)
Adoption Horizons

ACIN I-167-82 (December 31, 1982)
Adoptions Branch Chief