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The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) has specialists that assist program operators in applying and operating the program. Below is the CACFP contact list. For CACFP centers, the specialist is by county. For the Los Angeles and San Diego area, the specialist is by zip code. For day care home (DCH) sponsors, the specialist is listed by the name of the DCH. The hyperlinks below can help scroll down to each section or the Find on the Page search feature can help search the county, zip code or DCH name. Please include your Vendor and Child Nutrition Information Payment System (CNIPS) ID number on all email correspondence with your specialist.

Child and Adult Center Specialists County Assignments

County Specialist Phone Number Email
Alameda Jeana Lim 279-444-9584
Alpine Juan Rivera
Amador Leslie Schar
Butte Ann Mo 279-234-3015
Calaveras Ann Mo
Colusa Jeana Lim 279-444-9584
Contra Costa Jeana Lim 279-444-9584
Del Norte Jeana Lim 279-444-9584
El Dorado Ann Mo 279-234-3015
Fresno Jessica Kirk (Zip Codes 93210 to 93710)
Kayla Christensen (Zip Codes 93711 to 93888)

Glenn Jeana Lim 279-444-9584
Humboldt Ann Mo 279-234-3015
Imperial Jenny Batara
Inyo Ann Mo 279-234-3015
Kern Ann Mo (Zip Codes 93203 to 93300)
Jeana Lim (Zip Codes 93301 to 93596)

Kings Jessica Kirk 916-858-9634
Lake Jessica Kirk 916-858-9634
Lassen Ann Mo
Los Angeles by Zip Code See table below N/A N/A
Los Angeles Unified School District  Jeana Lim 279-444-9584
Madera Juan Rivera 916-858-9358
Marin Jenny Batara 279-444-9785
Mariposa Jeana Lim 279-444-9584
Mendocino Jeana Lim 279-444-9584
Merced Kayla Christensen 279-200-2550
Modoc Juan Rivera 916-858-9358
Mono Jessica Kirk 916-858-9634
Monterey Kayla Christensen 279-200-2550
Napa Kayla Christensen 279-200-2550
Nevada Jenny Batara 279-444-9785
Orange Kayla Christensen 279-200-2550
Placer Jenny Batara
Plumas Jenny Batara
Riverside Jenny Batara
Sacramento Jessica Kirk 916-858-9634
San Benito Juan Rivera 916-858-9358
San Bernardino Leslie Schar
San Diego/San Diego Unified See table below N/A N/A
San Francisco Juan Rivera 916-858-9358
San Joaquin Kayla Christensen 279-200-2550
San Luis Obispo Juan Rivera 916-858-9358
San Mateo Jenny Batara 279-444-9785
Santa Barbara Juan Rivera 916-858-9358
Santa Clara Ann Mo 279-234-3015
Santa Cruz Juan Rivera 916-858-9358
Shasta Leslie Schar 916-210-9777
Sierra Jenny Batara
Siskiyou Kayla Christensen 279-200-2550
Solano Leslie Schar 916-210-9777
Sonoma Jeana Lim 279-444-9584
Stanislaus Jessica Kirk 916-858-9634
Sutter Juan Rivera 916-858-9358
Tehama Leslie Schar 916-210-9777
Trinity Kayla Christensen 279-200-2550
Tulare Jessica Kirk 916-858-9634
Tuolumne Leslie Schar 916-210-9777
Ventura Juan Rivera 916-858-9358
Yolo Kayla Christensen 279-200-2550
Yuba Leslie Schar 916-210-9777
Out of State Kayla Christensen 279-200-2550

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Los Angeles Child and Adult Center Specialists by Zip Code

Zip Code Specialist Phone Number Email
90001-90016 Kayla Christensen 279-200-2550
90017-90019 Jeana Lim 279-444-9584
90020-90049 Leslie Schar 916-210-9777
90050-90599 Juan Rivera 916-858-9358
90600-90999 Jessica Kirk 916-858-9634
91000-91349 Jenny Batara 279-444-9785
91350-91599 Leslie Schar 916-210-9777
91600-93999 Ann Mo 279-234-3015

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San Diego Child and Adult Center Specialists by Zip Code

Zip Code  Specialist Phone Number Email
91901-92019 Leslie Schar 916-210-9777
92020-92039 Jessica Kirk 916-858-9634
92040-92099 Jeana Lim 279-444-9584
92100-92119 Kayla Christensen 279-200-2550
92120-92675 Juan Rivera 916-858-9358

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Day Care Home Sponsors Specialist Assignments

Sponsor Name Assigned Specialist Phone Number Email
B J Jordan Child Care Programs Jessica Kirk 916-858-9634
Catalyst Family Ann Mo
Central Valley Children's Services Network Jessica Kirk 916-858-9634
Changing Tides Family Services Ann Mo 279-234-3015
Chicano Federation of San Diego County Kayla Christensen 279-200-2550
Child Development Assoc Inc Ann Mo
Child Lane Jessica Kirk 916-858-9634
Child Nutrition Program of Southern California Inc Leslie Schar 916-210-9777
Children's Council/San Francisco Juan Rivera    916-858-9358
City of La Habra-Child Development Division Kayla Christensen 279-200-2550
COCO Kids Jeana Lim 279-444-9584
Colusa County Office of Education Children's Services Jeana Lim 279-444-9584
Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County Inc Juan Rivera    916-858-9358
Community Bridges Jenny Batara    279-444-9785
Community Child Care Council of Sonoma County Jeana Lim  279-444-9584
Del Norte Child Care Council Jeana Lim  279-444-9584
Evergreen Child Care Inc Kayla Christensen  279-200-2550
Family Resources & Referral Leslie Schar 916-210-9777
Fort Irwin Army Post-IMWRF Chld & Yth SchlSvcs-IMSW-IRW-MWC  Leslie Schar 916-210-9777
FRAMAX Kayla Christensen 279-200-2550
Human Response Network Kayla Christensen 279-200-2550
International Child Resource Exchange Institute Jeana Lim 279-444-9584
Kern County Superintendent of Schools Kayla Christensen 279-200-2550
Kings Community Action Organization, Inc Jessica Kirk 916-858-9634
Korean American Family Leslie Schar 916-210-9777
Love Little Children, Inc Jessica Kirk 916-858-9634
Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Leslie Schar 916-210-9777
Navy Region Southwest, Child and Youth Programs Juan Rivera
North Coast Opportunities Inc Head Start Jeana Lim 279-444-9584
Open Food Program Jenny Batara 279-444-9785
Options for Learning Jessica Kirk 916-858-9634
Oxnard Pathway to Educated Nutrition, Inc Ann Mo
Public Health Foundation Enterprises, Inc Ann Mo 279-234-3015
Santa Barbara County Education Office Jenny Batara 279-444-9785
Santa Barbara Family Care Center Jenny Batara
Shasta County Office of Education Leslie Schar 916-210-9777 
Siskiyou Child Care Council Kayla Christensen 279-200-2550
Solano Family & Childrens Council Ann Mo
Training, Employment & Community Help, Inc Juan Rivera 916-858-9358
Travis AFB Child Development Centers Ann Mo
Valley Oak Children's Services Ann Mo 279-234-3015
Ventura County Day Care Association Juan Rivera 916-858-9358
Wu Yee Children's Services Juan Rivera 916-858-9358

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General Contact Information

Contact  Phone Number Email
Jeannine Cook, Manager 916-212-3686
Leslie Schar, Manager 916-210-9777
CACFP General Email Not applicable
CACFP Toll Free Number 833-559-2418 Not applicable

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
Esta institución es un proveedor que ofrece igualdad de oportunidades.

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