California Veterans Cash Benefit (CVCB) Program

Who is it for?

The CVCB program is a State-funded program that was mandated by State law in 2000, with the first benefit checks being issued in 2001. This State program is closely linked to a similar federally-funded program, the Special Veterans Benefit (SVB) program. The SVB program became effective in 2000 after the President signed the authorizing federal law on December 21, 1999. The CVCB and SVB programs are administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Veterans do not have to file a separate application for the CVCB program. The application for the federal SVB also serves as an application for the CVCB program. The CVCB payment is added to the SVB payment and they are combined into one payment, which is issued by SSA. The amount of the CVCB payment is equal to the State Supplementary Payment (SSP) standard for individuals living independently. The SSP standard is the State-funded portion that is combined with the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payment in the SSI/SSP program.

You may be eligible for CVCB if you:

  • Have been eligible for California's State Supplementary Payment in December 1999. (This would have been included in the SSI/SSP benefit paid by SSA.), and
  • Have been a member of the Government of the Commonwealth of the Philippines military forces who was in the service of the United States during World War II, and
  • Be eligible, for the same period, to receive a federal Special Veterans Benefit, and
  • Reside in the Republic of the Philippines.

Where To Get Help:

Interested person who are not yet receiving SVB should contact their local SSA office to inquire about current payment amounts, or apply for SVB/CVCB. Regulations governing the CVCB program can be found in Manual of Policy and Procedures, Chapter 49-100 (pdf).