Guidelines for Access to Public Records

California Public Records Act (Government Code section 6250 et seq.)

In order to help the Department provide records promptly, requestors should provide specific information about the records they seek. When a record cannot be identified by name, the requestor should attempt to be as specific as possible in describing the record, based on its content. If known, requestors should indicate the office, division, branch or section of the Department that created or maintains the records. When a request is not sufficiently specific, Department staff will help the requestor to identify the information, describe how the records are maintained or their physical location, and provide suggestions on how to overcome practical barriers to disclosure. The Department does not supplement responses to previous requests when new records are created or received. A separate request must be submitted each time records are sought.

To ensure accuracy in responding to a request for public records, the Department encourages the submission of all requests in writing. Requests can also be made orally, by telephone or in person at a public counter in one of our offices. You do not need to disclose why you want the records, but for requests that cannot be completed immediately we may need to be able to contact you.

Read the guidelines for access to public records.

Contact Us

Please direct all requests to:

California Department of Social Services
Legal Division, ATTN: PRA Request
744 P Street, MS 8-5-161
Sacramento, CA 95814.


You may call to inquire about filing a Public Records Act request or about the status of a current request at (916) 420-0814.