Statewide Outreach Advisory Roundtable


In support of California Department of Social Services (CDSS) statewide outreach efforts, CDSS established the Statewide Outreach Advisory Roundtable (SOAR) to design and implement CalWORKs campaigns that provide the greatest level of support for program recipients. To learn more or view previous campaigns that the CDSS CalWORKs program has launched, please visit the previous campaign section of our webpage.

Mission + Vision

SOAR provides a space for diverse stakeholders to collaborate to ensure that outreach communications and resources are designed to be the most accessible, appropriate, and actionable for public social service program recipients.

These quarterly convenings seek to bring together state and county employees, community-based organizations, program recipients, advocates, and others to collectively support low-income Californians through the sharing of ideas, resources, and solutions.

Get Involved

If you have questions and want to learn more about SOAR, join our next quarterly roundtable by emailing and request an invite.

To sign up to receive outreach messages from the California Department of Social Services, visit our statewide outreach webpage.

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