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CalWORKs Data Tables

These data tables display data provided by County Welfare Departments and other agencies concerning caseloads, costs, and services of the CalWORKs and related programs. As additional and/or revised data become available, they are updated and new versions are issued.  

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CA 237 CW: Cash Grant Caseload

CA 253 CW: Cash Grant Discontinuances

CA 255 CW: Cash Grant Denials

WTW 25: Welfare-to-Work Activity - All (Other) Families

WTW 25A: Welfare-to-Work Activity - Two-Parent Families

CA 237 HA: Homeless Assistance

FSP 14: Family Stabilization

CW 115: Child Care - CalWORKs Families

CW 115A: Child Care - Two-Parent Families

CCB 18: Emergency Child Care Bridge Program for Foster Children (Bridge Program)

STAT 45: Teen Parents

ABCD 350: Annual Recipient Report