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1981 All County Information Notices

ACIN I-01-81 (January 2, 1981)
Food Stamp Coupon Books

ACIN I-02-81 (January 6, 1981)
Food Coupon issuance Tables, Effective January 1, 1981

ACIN I-07-81 (January 20, 1981)
DFA 296 Food Stamp Program Monthly Statistical reporting

ACIN I-08-81 (January 27, 1981)
Premise, November 1980 Subvention Estimates

ACIN I-09-81 (January 29, 1981)
Implementation Of Revised Trust Fund Regulations In The Food Stamp Program

ACIN I-12-81 (February 6, 1981)
Implementation Of New And Revised Food Stamp Forms

ACIN I-13-81 (February 10, 1981)
AFDC Fiscal Sanctions - Appeal Process

ACIN I-14-81 (February 11, 1981)

ACIN I-15-81 (February 18, 1981)
Availability Of Form NA 290, AFDC General Notice (Of Action)

ACIN I-18-81 (February 26, 1981)
Potential Benefits to Survivors Of Deceased Federal Employees

ACIN I-20-81 (February 27, 1981)
Social Services Worker Time Survey - SOC 241 (April-June 1981)

ACIN I-23-81 (March 3, 1981)
County Forms

ACIN I-26-81 (March 6, 1981)
Food Stamp Outreach Contract

ACIN I-27-81 (March 9, 1981)
Balderas vs. Woods

ACIN I-28-81 (March 10, 1981)
DFA 388, Food Stamp Program Participants By Ethnic Group

ACIN I-31-81 (March 13, 1981)
Proper Documentation Of Food Stamp Case Records

ACIN I-34-81 (March 18, 1981)
New Disability Insurance (DI) Abstract

ACIN I-35-81 (March 23, 1981)
Revised Treatment Of A UAM Contribution For Quality Control Purposes (North Coast Coalition, et al vs. Woods)

ACIN I-37-81 (March 23, 1981)
State Supreme Court Decision In Re Angelia P., S.F. 24184

ACIN I-38-81 (March 24, 1981)
Statistical Reporting Of Emergency Loans

ACIN I-39-81 (March 24, 1981)
SPAN pilot Counties

ACIN I-40-81 (March 26, 1981)
California's Six-Month Quality control - Corrective Action Plan October 1979 - March 1980

ACIN I-41-81 (April 1, 1981)
Unaccompanied Minor Semi-Annual Report

ACIN I-44-81 (April 3, 1981)
Hispanic/LA Raza Cultural Awareness Training For Trainers Workshop

ACIN I-46-81 (April 7, 1981)
Monthly Report Of Participation And Coupon Issuance - Food Stamp Program (FNS 256)

ACIN I-48-81 (April 8, 1981)
Changes To The Unemployment Insurance/Disability Insurance (UI/DI) Systems

ACIN I-49-81 (April 8, 1981)
Veterans' Benefits Verification And Referral (CA 5)

ACIN I-51-81 (April 10, 1981)
APSB Informational Workshop

ACIN I-53-81 (April 10, 1981)
Claiming instructions

ACIN I-55-81 (April 16, 1981)
Voluntary Agency (Volag) Addresses

ACIN I-56-81 (May 4, 1981)
Earned Income Credit (EIC) (Formerly Entitled EITC)

ACIN I-61-81 (May 21, 1981)
EDD/CWD Communications

ACIN I-65-81 (June 4, 1981)
Food Stamp Maximum Income Standards

ACIN I-68-81 (June 8, 1981)
Implementation Of Revised Food Stamp regulations, Division 63, Chapters 100 Through 800, And related Food Stamp Forms

ACIN I-70-81 (June 9, 1981)
In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) - Workers' Compensation

ACIN I-71-81 (June 11, 1981)
AFDC Division 15 QC/CA Reporting Requirements

ACIN I-72-81 (June 12, 1981)
Definition Of Technical Errors - AFDC

ACIN I-74-81 (June 16, 1981)
Review Of AFDC Payment Adjustments Received In The Review Month

ACIN I-76-81 (June 22, 1981)
Social Security Cost Of Living Increase

ACIN I-77-81 (June 22, 1981)
In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) - Workers' Compensation

ACIN I-78-81 (June 23, 1981)
SB 633 Impact On IHSS

ACIN I-79-81 (June 23, 1981)
Interagency Agreement Between The Department Of Social Services And The Deapartment Of Education Regarding Services To Handicapped Children

ACIN I-84-81 (July 1, 1981)
Termination Of Outreach Contracts

ACIN I-85-81 (July 1, 1981)
Cost Of Living Adjustment FY 1981/82

ACIN I-88-81 (July 9, 1981)
Current Litigation: Green v. Obledo, Lowry v. Obledo

ACIN I-90-81 (July 21, 1981)
24-Hour Emergency Response Numbers

ACIN I-93-81 (July 31, 1981)
Davis v. Woods

ACIN I-94-81 (August 3, 1981)
Form ABCD-350, Recipient report On AFDC, Social Services, Medi-Cal-Only, And Nonassistance Food Stamp--Ethnic Origin And Primary Language

ACIN I-96-81 (August 4, 1981)
Revised Form CA 51 (Child Support Good Cause Claim For Non-Cooperation, Formerly Good Cause Claim And Determination Transmittal)

ACIN I-97-81 (August 5, 1981)
Identification Of Indian Children Subject To Provisions Of The Indian Child Welfare Act - Unborn Child

ACIN I-100-81 (August 21, 1981)
County Staff Participation In SPAN Project

ACIN I-101-81 (August 24, 1981)
Revised Quality Control Review Procedures For SSN requirements

ACIN I-102-81 (August 24, 1981)
Social Service Worker Time Survey - SOC 241 (October-December 1981)

ACIN I-103-81 (August 25, 1981)
Food Stamp Recipient Reporting And Notice Of Denial/Termination Problems

ACIN I-104-81 (August 25, 1981)
ACL 81-30 And ACIN I-83-81

ACIN I-105-81 (August 28, 1981)
Civil rights Regulations training (MPP-DIV. 21)

ACIN I-114-81 (September 15, 1981)
Unaccompanied Minor Semi-Annual Report

ACIN I-117-81 (September 17, 1981)
ACL 81-30 And ACIN I-83-81

ACIN I-118-81 (September 18, 1981)
1981 Food Stamp Program Changes

ACIN I-122-81 (September 28, 1981)
AFDCMBSAC, MAP, in-Kind income (IKI) tables

ACIN I-123-81 (September 30, 1981)
County Forms Catalog

ACIN I-124-81 (September 30, 1981)
Charging County Welfare Department For Requester Code Data received By The Employment Development Department (EDD)

ACIN I-126-81 (October 2, 1981)
Continued Funding Of The Cuban Program Phasedown

ACIN I-127-81 (October 9, 1981)
CWD Salary And Benefit Statement Fiscal Year 1981/82

ACIN I-129-81 (October 9, 1981)
Social Security Cost Of Living Increase

ACIN I-130-81 (October 9, 1981)
FNS 259 Instructions

ACIN I-137-81 (October 27, 1981)
Discontinuance Of Social Services Workers Time Survey - SOC 241

ACIN I-140-81 (November 4, 1981)
Assignment Classification Of Refugee Food Stamp Households

ACIN I-143-81 (November 13, 1981)
Title XX Block Grant Survey

ACIN I-145-81 (November 19, 1981)
Food Stamp Benefit Change Notice

ACIN I-146-81
Lowry v. Obledo

ACIN I-147-81 (November 25, 1981)
Set-Asides Of Adoption Decrees Under Civil Code Section 227b

ACIN I-150-81 (December 7, 1981)
Form ABCD-350, Annual recipient Report On AFDC, Social Services, Medi-Cal Only, And Non-Assistance Food Stamps -- Ethnic Origin And Primary Language

ACIN I-153-81 (December 17, 1981)
Determining Refugee Status

ACIN I-156-81 (December 24, 1981)
Revised Food Stamp Regulations: Verification Of Alien Status

ACIN I-157-81 (December 31, 1981)
Quality Control Review Procedures For Essential Persons