County Oversight

County Income and Eligibility Verification System (IEVS) Reviews

CDSS staff conduct periodic Income and Eligibility Verification System (IEVS) Compliance reviews.  The purpose is to review compliance with IEVS requirements and adherence to safeguard standards for confidential information. 

All reviews result in a written report of findings, observations, and recommendations.  Counties with deficiencies are required to submit a Corrective Action Plan (CAP).  CDSS staff monitor progress and completion of the CAP, and provide technical assistance to maintain or improve program integrity functions.   

To determine county effectiveness in the identification and collection of CalWORKs overpayments (OPs) and CalFresh Overissuances (OIs), CDSS staff review county’s performance of timely processing of IEVS reports and determine if discrepancies result in an OP/OI.  This includes whether the county timely and appropriately completed the  OP/OI calculation, provided timely notification to clients, and made a determination to refer for investigation.

County Special Investigative Unit (SIU) Reviews

CDSS staff conducts periodic SIU Compliance Reviews of each county.  The purpose is to verify county compliance with federal and state statutes, regulations and policies related to CalWORKs and CalFresh fraud prevention, detection, investigation, recovery of benefit overpayments, pursuing Intentional Program Violations and criminal prosecutions.

The scope of the SIU Compliance Review includes, and is not limited to reviewing the County’s Fraud Control Operating Plan, reviewing and validating investigation statistics, appropriate structure of the SIU, fraud referral and investigation procedures, fraud prevention training for county staff, appropriate case actions and claims establishment by the County Eligibility staff based on investigation findings, protocols for referring cases for criminal prosecution and Administrative Disqualification Hearings, and compliance with timely initiation of Intentional Program Violations.

Upon completion of the SIU Compliance Review, CDSS prepares a written report of findings, observations and recommendations.Counties with deficiencies are required to submit a Corrective Action Plan (CAP). CDSS reviews the CAP to ensure the actions are adequate to correct the deficiencies.CDSS may require updates to the CAP and will provide technical assistance as needed to monitor the County’s progress.