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How to Order Forms and Publications

County Form Orders:  Complete the Gen 727B County Forms Order.
This form (Gen 727B) is available online, then click on the "submit" button on the top of the form to complete your order. The order form will be sent automatically to the CDSS Warehouse's e-mail box as soon as it is submitted by clicking the "submit" button. Once the order has been received by the CDSS Warehouse staff, an order number will be assigned and a confirmation reply will be sent back to the sender. If you do not receive a confirmation, you may want to contact the Warehouse at: to verify the order was received.

Form orders specifying revision dates prior to the most recent printing will be shipped by the CDSS Warehouse provided the older revision is still available. These valid forms, bearing order revision dates, will not be accepted back by the Warehouse in exchange for the latest revision.

Backordered forms will be noted on the copy of the GEN 727B returned to you. A duplicate copy of the order will be retained by the CDSS Warehouse and the order will be shipped when stock becomes available. Do not reorder backordered forms. You may receive and be billed for duplicate shipments. If the backordered form is one that is sold, counties will be billed in the quarter the order is filled.

Occasionally, orders may be reduced. The balance will not be backordered. If this occurs, it will be indicated on the paperwork returned to you. To obtain the balance, please reorder by completing a new GEN 727B.

To request printed stock of forms and publications by mail, fax or e-mail submit your request to:

California Department of Social Services Warehouse
744 P Street, MS 19-20
Sacramento, CA 95814
Fax (916) 371-3518

Questions regarding forms and publications:

California Department of Social Services
Forms Management Unit
744 "P" Street, Mail Station 8-4-182
Sacramento, CA 95814-6413

In accordance with existing California Department of Social Services (CDSS) regulations, all County Welfare Departments (CWDs) and public and private agencies may print supplies of CDSS-developed forms. However, any modification to or substitution of a required department form must be approved by CDSS before any CWD or agency use. The existing policies outlined in CDSS Management and Office Procedures, Forms Management Sections 23-400.2 through 23-400.22, must be adhered to. If you have any questions or need additional information, please email CDSS Forms Management Unit at .

For research-oriented reports and publications, visit the Research and Data Reports web page.

Contact Us

California Department of Social Services
Forms Management Unit
744 P Street, Mail Station 8-4-182
Sacramento, CA 95814-6413