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The CalFood Program allocates funding to TEFAP food banks for the purchase, storage, and transportation of food grown and produced in California.

California Food Bank Capacity Program

The California Food Bank Capacity Program has been established for Fiscal Year 2021-2022 within the CDSS to provide grants for emergency food provider capacity development to Providers and Eligible Entities. The grants shall support one-time capacity enhancements that support the collection, storage, and distribution systems required to adequately serve the food insecurity needs of California, as well as enhancements to ensure the resilience of the emergency food delivery system during climate crises and disasters. The department shall allow investments for the use of grant funds awarded under this provision, including, but not limited to, improvements in the following areas:

(1) Transportation
(2) Cold storage
(3) Warehouse equipment and supplies
(4) Technology
(5) External facility expansion
(6) Generation and storage of backup power
(7) Electric vehicles
(8) Charging stations
(9) Panel, wiring, and other necessary utility upgrades
(10) Other systems required to adequately serve the food insecurity needs of California

Please see links below to the following Information regarding Food Bank Capacity:
Food Bank Capacity Cash Advance Form
Food Bank Capacity Award Letter and Allocation
Food Bank Capacity RFA Q&A
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Diaper Bank Program

The Diaper Bank Program allocates funding to four agencies (Central California Food Bank, Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, and Help a Mother Out) to provide diapers to low-income families with infants or toddlers.
Diaper Bank Program Claiming Instructions
Diaper Bank Program Allocation Letter

Emergency Food for Families Fund (Tax Check-off)

Chapter 18, Statues of 1998 (Assembly Bill 2366), established a voluntary contribution check-off on the State income tax form to benefit the Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP). The funds are intended for the purchase of additional food, and must be from an outside vendor other than the food bank, for TEFAP and not to be used to replace food or funds.

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