Language Accessibility Services

State and Federal law requires us to provide you with free language interpretive services, and information translated in languages for individuals who are non-English and Limited English Proficient (LEP).  This is to make sure you clearly understand your benefits, rights, and responsibilities and can fully participate in our programs.

We must provide effective communication allowing the LEP and non-English public to use our government services and programs, and prohibit discrimination in the delivery of public services.  The CDSS Civil Rights Unit has established this complaint process for you to voice any complaints you experienced when seeking services in a CDSS agency office.  Your thoughts and experiences will help us improve our service.

You have the right to...

  • Free interpretive (oral) and translation (written) services.
  • Receive effective language services in a timely manner.
  • File a complaint under US Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and California Dymally-Alatorre Bilingual Services Act, Government Code Section 7290 et seq.

How to file a complaint:

  • Completely fill out the Language Accessibility Services form. This form will be translated into other languages on an ongoing basis.
  • Print your completed form.
  • Mail or fax Language Accessibility Services Complaint form to Civil Rights Unit P.O Box 944243, MS 9-7-041 Sacramento, CA 94244-2430 or fax at (916) 653-9332.
  • You may also contact our Civil Rights Unit Language Coordinator at (916) 654-2107, toll free 1(800) 741-6241; or via California Relay Services operator at 1(800) 735-2929.

Thank you for providing us feedback about our interpretive and translations services!

Also available in following languages:

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Sacramento, CA  94244-2430
Phone:  (916) 654-2107
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