Training Support Unit

The Training Support Unit’s (TSU) primary focus is oversight of the development, support, capacity building, capability, and expertise of child welfare social workers, probation placement officers, and public entities, providing child welfare services to more effectively and holistically meet the needs of vulnerable children and their families.

Training For County Child Welfare Social Workers

The TSU oversees and supports capacity building and training of child welfare professionals via contractual relationships with the California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC) and the statewide Regional Training Academies. In addition, the TSU provides support for the development of cross-system integrated program models via contractual relationships with the UC Davis Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice and additional contract vendors as necessary.

Training For Juvenile Probation Officers

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) works in collaboration with the Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC) and coordinating partners throughout California to implement and deliver evidence-based interventions that focus on addressing both the needs and strengths of the youth and family in order to bring about lasting changes that foster family connectedness and reduce habitual relapse into crime. Training is developed by instructors who are experienced in probation casework and practice as well as child welfare social workers familiar with regulations that apply to foster care youth.

Title IV-E Stipend Program

The Title IV-E Stipend Program is the nation's largest consortium of schools of social work and public service agencies providing support for the delivery of a specialized public child welfare curriculum and support for students committed to service in public child welfare. This collaborative effort will increase the complement of professional child welfare workers in California with Master’s and Bachelors of Social Work by providing an appropriate educational program through an approved competency-based child welfare curriculum. The Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program also offers financial support to graduate social work students preparing for the field of public child welfare, available at 21 schools of social work. Upon graduation, students work in a county child welfare service for a time equal to the period for which they received support.

Training is provided to child welfare social workers as detailed in the CDSS Staff Development and Training Manual, Section 14-610 and in the Welfare and Institutions Code 16206 et al .