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California Family Urgent Response System (Cal-FURS)

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24/7 Phone and In-Person Support for Issues Big and Small

Family standing in a sunset.This hub is intended to provide background information, resources, and links about the FURS program.

FURS is a coordinated statewide, regional, and county-level system designed to provide collaborative and timely state-level phone-based response and county-level in-home, in-person mobile response during situations of instability, to preserve the relationship of the caregiver and the child or youth.

How FURS Helps and Why It’s Important:

  1. It provides current and former foster youth and their caregivers with immediate, trauma-informed support when they need it.
  2. Prevents placement moves.
  3. Preserves the relationship between the child or youth and their caregiver.
  4. Provides a trauma-informed alternative for families who previously resorted to calling 911 or law enforcement.
  5. Reduces hospitalizations, law enforcement contacts, and placement in out-of-home facilities.
  6. Promotes healing as a family.
  7. Improves retention of current foster caregivers.
  8. Promotes stability for youth in foster care, including youth in extended foster care.

FURS Services Include:

  • A toll-free hotline available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week staffed with caring counselors trained in conflict resolution and de-escalation techniques for children and youth impacted by trauma.
  • County Mobile Response and Stabilization Teams also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • In-home de-escalation, stabilization, conflict resolution, and support services and resources.
  • Ongoing support services beyond the initial mobile response.
  • Hotline and mobile response staff trained in working with children and families who have experienced trauma.

Contact Us

Permanency Policy Bureau
Placement Services & Support Unit
744 P Street, MS 8-13-556
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 657-1858

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Related Legislation

  • Assembly bill (AB) 79
  • Senate bill (SB) 80 (chapter 5.4, statute of 2019)
  • Assembly bill (AB) 403 (chapter 773, statutes of 2015)
  • Assembly bill (AB) 1997 (chapter 773, statutes of 2015 and chapter 612, statutes of 2016)

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