1994 All County Information Notices

ACIN I-01-94 (January 20, 1994)
Clarification Of Title IV Educational Income Exclusions

ACIN I-02-94 (January 28, 1994)
AFDC Policy Regarding public Interest Parolee/Humanitarian Interest Parolee

ACIN I-03-94 (February 1, 1994)
ABCD 350 Ethnicity Report

ACIN I-04-94 (February 1, 1994)
Earned Income Credit Outreach Campaign

ACIN I-05-94 (February 17, 1994)
Designated Tribal Agents

ACIN I-06-94 (February 24, 1994)
Interception Of State And Federal Income Tax Refunds To Collect Delinquent Restitution Of AFDC Overpayments And Food Stamp Overissuances – AFDC/FS Intercept Program

ACIN I-07-94 (March 9, 1994)
In-Home Supportive Services Case Assessment Review Visits

ACIN I-08-94 (March 21, 1994)
1993 Chaptered Legislation Affecting The Adoptions Program, The Office Of Child Abuse Prevention, The Child Welfare Services Program, And The Aid To Families With Dependent Children-Foster Care Program

ACIN I-09-94 (March 22, 1994)
Formation Of Special Investigation Unit, Fraud Bureau, CDSS

ACIN I-10-94 (April 5, 1994)
Personal Care Services Program (PCSP)/Pickle Cases

ACIN I-11-94 (April 14, 1994)
Foster Parent Training Program

ACIN I-12-94 (May 11, 1994)
Funding For Investigation And Prosecution Of Aid To Families With Dependent Children (AFDC) And Food Stamp Fraud And The Systematic Alien Verification For Entitlement (SAVE) System

ACIN I-13-94 (June 3, 1994)
Tulare County In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Managed Care/Capitation Demonstration Project

ACIN I-14-94 (June 24, 1994)
Revised Instructions For Using Notice Of Action (NOA) Foods Transmitted With All-County Letter No. 94.44 For Cash Aid, Food Stamps, And Medi-Cal

ACIN I-15-94 (June 27, 1994)
Emergency Assistance Income Level For Fiscal Year 1994-95

ACIN I-16-94 (June 27, 1994)
Emergency Assistance For Emergency Shelter Care Beyond 30 Days

ACIN I-17-94 (June 27, 1994)
Foster Care Information System Case Closure When The Child Is Adopted

ACIN I-18-94 (June 28, 1994)
Questions And Answers, Title IV-A Emergency Assistance (EA) Phase I Probation And Phase II Child Welfare Services

ACIN I-19-94 (July 5, 1994)
AFDC, Transitional Child Care (TCC) And Medi-Cal Intercounty Transfer Coordinators

ACIN I-20-94 (July 6, 1994)
Administrative Reimbursement For AFDC Overpayments And Collections (Senate Bill 627, Chapter 64, Section 46, June 30, 1993)

ACIN I-21-94 (July 19, 1994)
Food Stamp Corrective Action Plan

ACIN I-22-94 (July 27, 1994)
Lump Sum Informing

ACIN I-23-94 (July 29, 1994)
Transfer Of The Independent Living Program (ILP)

ACIN I-23-94 (July 29, 1994)
Transfer Of The Independent Living Program (ILP)

ACIN I-24-94 (August 8, 1994)
Medi-Cal And In-Home Supportive Services

ACIN I-25-94 (August 10, 1994)
Relocation Of The Adult Services Division

ACIN I-26-94 (August 16, 1994)
Earned income Credit (EIC) Survey

ACIN I-27-94 (August 23, 1994)
Aid To Families With Dependent Children-Foster Care And Seriously Emotionally Disturbed Program Rates

ACIN I-28-94 (August 23, 1994)
Funding For Welfare Fraud Investigations

ACIN I-29-94 (August 30, 1994)
Emergency Assistance Training And Policy Changes – Statewide Racking System

ACIN I-30-94 (September 8, 1994)
Food Stamp Program Bureau, Policy Implementation Unit Analyst Assignments

ACIN I-31-94 (September 9, 1994)
Reinforming Letter (CA 87)

ACIN I-32-94 (September 13, 1994)
CDSS Contracted With California State University Sacramento’s Institute For Social Research (ISR)

ACIN I-33-94 (September 15, 1994)
Statewide Industrial Medical Clinics

ACIN I-34-94 (September 15, 1994)
GAIN Vendor Fair

ACIN I-35-94 (September 15, 1994)
In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Personal Care Services Program (PCSP) Fiscal Year (FY) 1994/95 Spending Estimate

ACIN I-36-94 (September 21, 1994)
CDSS Warehouse Inventory

ACIN I-37-94 (September 27, 1994)
Adult Services Annual Conference

ACIN I-38-94 (September 28, 1994)
Assessment And Evaluation Of Reports/Surveys Submitted To CDSS Information Services Bureau

ACIN I-39-94 (October 11, 1994)
State Legalization Impact Assistance Grant (SLIAG) Program Closeout

ACIN I-40-94 (October 14, 1994)
Public Assistance Overpayments In The Food Stamp Budget When The Public Assistance Grant Is Reduced To Repay An Overpayment

ACIN I-41-94 (November 7, 1994)
United States Residency Pilot Project

ACIN I-42-94 (November 28, 1994)
Clarification To The Regulation Changes On Simplification Of Food Stamp Household Definition (RDB # 0594-17)

ACIN I-43-94 (November 28, 1994)
Review Of Miller v. Woods (Miller) And WRO v. McMahon Paid Claims

ACIN I-44-94 (December 5, 1994)
Children And Family Services Division

ACIN I-45-94 (December 7, 1994)
Aid To Families With dependent Children (AFDC) Eligibility For Caretaker Relatives Of Dependent Foster Care Children

ACIN I-46-94 (December 7, 1994)
Implementation Plan For The National Voter Registration Act Of 1993

ACIN I-47-94 (December 8, 1994)
Food Stamp Coupon Issuance And Accountability

ACIN I-48-94 (December 13, 1994)
Close-Out Of The Immigration Reform Control Act (IRCA) Program – IRCA1 Statistical Report

ACIN I-49-94 (December 20, 1994)
Effective Of Federal Single Audit Act On County Emergency Assistance – Probation (EA-P) Program

ACIN I-50-94 (December 30, 1994)
Earned Income Credit Outreach Campaign