1990 All County Information Notices

ACIN I-01-90 (January 4, 1990)
Coordination Guide Book For The State Of California

ACIN I-02-90 (January 8, 1990)
Update Of The State Department Of Social Services (SDSS) In-HomeSupportive Services (IHSS) Model Contract

ACIN I-03-90 (January 10, 1990)
Appeals/Administrative Hearings Conference

ACIN I-04-90 (January 18, 1990)
Brown v. McMahon Court Case Decision

ACIN I-05-90 (January 23, 1990)
AFDC And Food Stamp Policy Implementation Bureau Analyst Assignments

ACIN I-06-90 (February 1, 1990)
U.S. Department Of Agriculture - New Appointment

ACIN I-07-90 (February 5, 1990)
Report To The Legislature: " Supported Individual Provider Mode Of Delivering In-Home Supportive Services"

ACIN I-08-90 (February 6, 1990)
New State Adoptions District Office - Fresno

ACIN I-09-90 (February 21, 1990)
Greater Avenues For Independence (GAIN) Inter-County Transfer Contact List

ACIN I-10-90 (February 22, 1990)
AFDC/Food Stamp Overpayment/Overissuance Recoveries

ACIN I-11-90 (February 28, 1990)
State Department Of Social Services, Foster Care Program Bureau County Assignments

ACIN I-12-90 (March 1, 1990)
AB 2268 And SB 1466

ACIN I-13-90 (March 2, 1990)
Adoption Management Appointments; Clarification Regarding Adoptions-Related Inquiries

ACIN I-14-90 (March 2, 1990)
Senate Bill 221 - Restraining Orders To Protect Children From Abuse

ACIN I-15-90 (March 6, 1990)
Issuance Made On Or After The 20th Of The Month

ACIN I-16-90 (March 8, 1990)
GAIN Appraisal Program Third Report

ACIN I-17-90 (March 8, 1990)
Annual GAIN Report

ACIN I-18-90 (March 12, 1990)
National Information Campaign On The Federal Earned Income Tax Credit

ACIN I-19-90 (March 13, 1990)
Senate Bill 220 (Chapter 1441, Statutes Of 1989)

ACIN I-20-90 (March 15, 1990)
Foster Care Overpayments

ACIN I-21-90 (March 21, 1990)
Refugee-Related All-County Letters (ACLs) And All-County Information Notices (ACINs)

ACIN I-22-90 (March 22, 1990)
Food Stamp Program Training For Operators Of Homeless Shelters

ACIN I-23-90 (March 22, 1990)
Aid To Families With dependent Children (AFDC) And Food Stamp (FS) County Corrective Action Liaisons

ACIN I-24-90 (March 30, 1990)
CWDA And SDSS Third Annual Children's Conference

ACIN I-25-90 (April 2, 1990)
State Adoptions Berkeley District Office Relocation

ACIN I-26-90 (April 12, 1990)
Aid To Families With Dependent Children-Foster Care And Federal Or State Tax Levies

ACIN I-27-90 (April 19, 1990)
Repayment Of Aid To Families With dependent Children (AFDC) Overpayments ANd Food Stamp Overissuances

ACIN I-28-90 (May 7, 1990)
Greater Avenues For Independence (GAIN) Inter-County transfer Contact List Update

ACIN I-29-90 (May 9, 1990)
Event To Trigger Implementation Of A Two Column Format For Automated AFDC Notices Of Action (NOAs) And Systems Standards For Automated Equipment Used To Produce NOAs

ACIN I-30-90 (May 14, 1990)
Disqualification Consent Agreement Forms For The Food Stamp Program (DFA 478)

ACIN I-31-90 (May 15, 1990)
DFA 256 Reporting Of Food Stamp Issuances Made On Or After The 20th Of The Month

ACIN I-32-90 (May 21, 1990)
Obsolete And Current All County Letters (ACLs) And All County Information Notices (ACINs)

ACIN I-32-90 Errata (June 7, 1990)
Obsolete And Current All County Letters (ACLs) And All County Information Notices (ACINs)

ACIN I-33-90 (May 22, 1990)
CWFIA Annual Training Conference

ACIN I-34-90 (May 25, 1990)
Child Welfare Services Social Worker Training

ACIN I-35-90 (May 29, 1990)
AFDC Budget Worksheet, CA 30 (4/90)

ACIN I-36-90 (May 30, 1990)
Administrative Reviews - Intercept Of State Tax Refunds/AFDC And Food Stamp Overpayments

ACIN I-37-90 (May 31, 1990)
Upcoming Forms Revisions: Food Stamp Application Forms - DFA 285-A1 And DFA 285-A2

ACIN I-38-90 (May 31, 1990)
Jones v. Yeutter Lawsuit; Establishmnet Of Administrative Overissuance Claim In Food Stamps

ACIN I-39-90 (May 31, 1990)
Implementation Of JA 2, Statement Of Facts, AFDC And Food Stamps

ACIN I-40-90 (June 1, 1990)
Intraprogram Status Change, Intercounty Transfers And County Of Reponsibility

ACIN I-41-90 (June 8, 1990)
Update On Implementation Of The Final Federal Job Opportunities And Basic Skills Training (JOBS) Program Regulations

ACIN I-42-90 (June 14, 1990)
Income Eligibility Table For The Out-Of-Home Care For Adults Program

ACIN I-43-90 (June 19, 1990)
Abandoned Infants Assistance Act/Grants

ACIN I-44-90 (June 20, 1990)
Welfare Program Division Reorganization

ACIN I-45-90 (June 21, 1990)
Title XX Block Grant Post-Expenditure Report

ACIN I-46-90 (June 21, 1990)
Adult Services Operations And County Liasion Functions

ACIN I-47-90 (June 26, 1990)
Summary Of Recent Changes To The Independent Living Program As A result Of Public Law 101-239 And The Federal Program Instruction Issued January 12, 1990

ACIN I-48-90 (June 29, 1990)
Transitional Child Care

ACIN I-49-90 (July 2, 1990)
Child Welfare Services Case Management System

ACIN I-50-90 (July 3, 1990)
District Reassignment Of Independent And Relinquishment Adoptions

ACIN I-51-90 (July 3, 1990)
Definition Of Disabled For Food Stamps

ACIN I-52-90 (July 13, 1990)
Sidwell v. McMahon Court Case

ACIN I-53-90 (July 17, 1990)
ICPC And The Independent Adoption Preplacement Program

ACIN I-54-90
"Not Released" 

ACIN I-55-90 (July 23, 1990)
Announcement Of Special Award Recipients For Outstanding Corrective Action Performance In The AFDC And Food Stamp Program

ACIN I-56-90 (July 24, 1990)
Aid To Families With Dependent Children (AFDC)/Food Stamp (FS) Overpayment Recovery Related All-County Letters (ACLs), All County Information Notices (ACINs), And Errata

ACIN I-57-90 (August 2, 1990)
Greater Avenues For Independence (GAIN) Inter-County Transfer Contact List Update

ACIN I-58-90 Errata (September 21, 1990)
Vendor Requests To Visit County Locations

ACIN I-59-90 (August 6, 1990)
Interception Of State Income Tax Refunds To Collect Delinquent Restitution Of AFDC Overpayments And Food Stamp Overissuances - AFDC/FS Intercept Program

ACIN I-60-90 (August 10, 1990)
Cooperation Between GAIN/TCC/AFDC And Head Start

ACIN I-61-90 (August 13, 1990)
Aid To Families With Dependent Children-Foster Care Or Seriously Emotionally Disturbed (AFDC-FC/SED) Program Rate Increases Effective July 1, 1990

ACIN I-62-90 (August 15, 1990)
State-By-State Directory Of Approved Voluntary Agency (VOLAG)

ACIN I-63-90 (August 16, 1990)
Spanish Translated Transitional Child Care Forms

ACIN I-64-90 (August 28, 1990)
Title XX Block Grant Preexpenditure Report

ACIN I-65-90 (August 29, 1990)
Adult Services Annual Conderence

ACIN I-66-90 (September 7, 1990)
State Adoptions Santa Rosa District Office Relocation

ACIN I-67-90 (September 7, 1990)
Food Stamp Coupon Books

ACIN I-68-90 (September 10, 1990)
Emergency Response Telephone Number Changes

ACIN I-69-90 (September 10, 1990)
Verification Of Food Stamp And AFDC Participation For Free School Meals - Public Law 101-147

ACIN I-70-90 (September 10, 1990)
First Statewide Foster Care Eligibility Conference - Fall, 1991

ACIN I-71-90 (September 11, 1990)
County Training Sessions For The Proposed Emergency Greater Avenues For Independence (GAIN) Program Regulations On The Job Opportunities And Basic Skills Training (JOBS) Requirements

ACIN I-72-90 (September 17, 1990)
Elder And Dependent Adult Abuse Reporting: Chapter 241, Statutes Of 1990, Chapter 435, Statutes Of 1990

ACIN I-73-90 (September 20, 1990)
Soviet Jewish Refugees - Food Stamp Program

ACIN I-74-90 (September 21, 1990)
Title XX Block Grant Post - Expenditure Report

ACIN I-75-90 (September 25, 1990)
Public Interest Parolees

ACIN I-76-90 (September 24, 1990)
Statement Of Facts Supporting Eligibility For Assistance - Redetermination, CA 20 (8/90)

ACIN I-77-90 (October 9, 1990)
Release Of Request For Proposal

ACIN I-78-90 (October 9, 1990)
Interstate Independent And Agency Adoption Program

ACIN I-79-90 (October 9, 1990)
Case Plan Information Required As A Result Of The Enactment Of Public Law 101-239, December 19, 1989

ACIN I-80-90 (October 10, 1990)
Directory Of California Adoption Agencies - PUB 1

ACIN I-81-90 (October 16, 1990)
(SAWS 1) (9/90) CA 1/DFA 285-A1, Application For Cash Aid, Food Stamps, And/Or Medical Assistance

ACIN I-82-90 (October 25, 1990)
Corrective Action Bureau Renamed AFDC And Food Stamp Accuracy Improvement Bureau (AIM)

ACIN I-83-90 (October 25, 1990)
Civil Rights Plan Updates

ACIN I-84-90 (November 2, 1990)
Spanish Translations Of The AFDC-Reduced Income Supplemental Payment Request, CA 40 (8/90) And Notice Of Action Messages

ACIN I-85-90 Errata (November 15, 1990)
Transitional Child Care Program Inquiries

ACIN I-86-90 (November 5, 1990)
The In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Disaster Prepareness (DP) Assessment Plan

ACIN I-87-90 (November 13, 1990)
Food Stamp Coordinators Letters, Dated August 31, 1990

ACIN I-88-90 (November 30, 1990)
Early Fraud Prevention And Detection Program

ACIN I-89-90 (December 5, 1990)
Thornton v. McMahon

ACIN I-90-90 (December 14, 1990)
Update To The Legislative Report For The Evaluation Of The Adult Protective Services Demonstration Projects

ACIN I-91-90 (December 26, 1990)
Federal Tax Refund Intercept Program