1986 All County Information Notices

ACIN I-01-86 (January 9, 1986)
Overview Description Of Oregon's Demonstration Project - Refugee Early Employment Project (REEP)

ACIN I-02-86 (January 9, 1986)
Dependent Adult And Elder Abuse Report For 1984

ACIN I-04-86 (January 13, 1986)
AFDC Error Rates And Fiscal Sanctions

ACIN I-05-86 (January 14, 1986)
1985 Chaptered Legislation - Child Welfare Services

ACIN I-06-86 (January 31, 1986)
Voluntary Agency (VOLAG) Contact

ACIN I-07-86 (February 3, 1986)
AB 836 (Chapter 440, Statutes Of 1985, Effective 01/01/86) Revised Detention Criteria And Revisions In Court Ordered Services In Circumstances Involving Children Of Absent Parents

ACIN I-09-86 (February 4, 1986)
Rduction Of Time-Eligibility For Federal Reimbursement For Refugee Program Costs

ACIN I-10-86 (February 6, 1986)
Upcoming Food Stamp Program Regulation Changes

ACIN I-11-86 (February 6, 1986)
Voluntary Quit Sanction Change From Date Of Application To Date Of Quit

ACIN I-12-86 (February 6, 1986)
Update Of GAIN Activities # 2

ACIN I-13-86 (February 6, 1986)
Implementation Of AB 2312, Adoptee-Sibling Contact Bill

ACIN I-14-86 (February 11, 1986)
IHSS Underpayments/Overpayments Clarification

ACIN I-15-86 (February 18, 1986)
Fiscal year 1985/86 Child Welfare Services (CWS) And County Services Block Grant (CSBG) Funds Transfers

ACIN I-16-86 (February 19, 1986)
National Child Welfare Resource Centers

ACIN I-18-86 (February 26, 1986)
In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Statewide Case Review

ACIN I-19-86 (March 6, 1986)
General California Adoption Services

ACIN I-20-86 (March 6, 1986)
Status Of AB 3632/AB 882 Implementation

ACIN I-21-86 (March 6, 1986)
Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Program

ACIN I-22-86 (March 6, 1986)
Revised CA 1 (11/85), Application For Public Assistance

ACIN I-23-86 (March 11, 1986)
Revised Of AD 906: Acknowledgment Of The Filing Of Adoption Relinquishments, Notice Of Action In Lieu Of Signing Relinquishments, Waiver Of Report Of State Department Of Social Services

ACIN I-24-86 (March 11, 1986)
Clarification Of Food Stamp Program Regulation Change Effective May 1, 1986

ACIN I-25-86 (March 13, 1986)
Proposed Federal Office Of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) Regulations

ACIN I-26-86 (March 14, 1986)
Recommendations For Changes To Child Welfare Services Regulations

ACIN I-27-86 (March 21, 1986)
Policy Clarification Of MPP Section 69-208.61

ACIN I-28-86 (March 24, 1986)
Foster Care Program Bureau Analyst Assignments

ACIN I-29-86 (March 24, 1986)
Supervision Of AFDC-FC Funded Placements

ACIN I-30-86 (March 24, 1986)
DSS Organizational Changes In Welfare Program Division

ACIN I-32-86 (April 2, 1986)
ICPC Social Assesment Of The Child And Family-Outline

ACIN I-33-86 (April 3, 1986)
The Eligibility Worker Handbook On The Prevention And Detection Of Welfare Fraud

ACIN I-34-86 (April 4, 1986)
Streamlined CA 7 Monthly Eligibility report

ACIN I-35-86 (April 9, 1986)
In-Home Supportive Services Assessments Resulting From AB 3398 (Chapter 364, Statutes Of 1984)

ACIN I-36-86 (April 15, 1986)
Impersonations Of Investigators Of Child Abuse Which Have Occured In Missouri

ACIN I-37-86 (April 16, 1986)
AFDC Quality Control Rorrective Action Plan, October 1984 - September 1985

ACIN I-38-86 (April 17, 1986)
AB 3632/AB 882: Referring Children Receiving Child Welfare Services (CWS) For Assessment

ACIN I-39-86 (April 24, 1986)
AFDC Intercounty Transfer Coordinators List

ACIN I-41-86 (April 28, 1986)
Continued Absence As A Basis Of Deprivation - AFDC, RCA, RDP Determination Of The Caretaker Parent

ACIN I-42-86 (April 29, 1986)
Adoption Assistance Program Brochure

ACIN I-43-86 (May 2, 1986)
IHSS Case Management, information And Payrolling System (CMIPS) Cost Claiming

ACIN I-44-86 (May 2, 1986)
Medical Report CA 61 (4/86)

ACIN I-45-86 (May 5, 1986)
Recipient Review Group RE: Turner

ACIN I-46-86 (May 15, 1986)
AFDC And Food Stamp Policy Implementation Bureau Analyst Assignments

ACIN I-48-86 (May 22, 1986)
County Requests For Establishment Of Payment Rates For Emergency Shelter Care

ACIN I-49-86 (June 3, 1986)
Products Of The Central Valley Corrective Action Workshop

ACIN I-50-86 (June 6, 1986)
Income Eligible Table For The Out-Of_Home care For Adults Program

ACIN I-51-86 (June 6, 1986)
Immediate Need Requests

ACIN I-52-86 (May 30, 1986)
FFY 1984 Food Stamp Quality Control (QC) Sanction

ACIN I-53-86 (May 10, 1986)
CWFIA Annual Training Conference

ACIN I-54-86 (June 18, 1986)
Adoptions Program Operations

ACIN I-55-86 (June 18, 1986)
Food Stamp Quality Control Results (April 1985 - September 1985)

ACIN I-56-86 (June 23, 1986)
Streamlined CA 7 Monthly Eligibility Report

ACIN I-56-86 (July 7, 1986) Errata
Streamlined CA 7 Monthly Eligibility Report

ACIN I-57-86 (June 26, 1986)
In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Case Management Information Payrolling System (CMIPS) Multipurpose Update Questionnaire

ACIN I-58-86 (July 1, 1986)
GRIMSEY v. McMahon

ACIN I-59-86 (July 7, 1986)
FNS Civil Rights Poster

ACIN I-61-86 (July 9, 1986)
Revision To Foster Care Information System

ACIN I-62-86 (July 10, 1986)
The Budget Act Of 1986/87 Cost-Of-Living Adjustments (COLA) That Affect In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Benefit Levels And Individual Provider (IP) Wages

ACIN I-63-86 (July 14, 1986)
Foster Care Information System - Reporting Errors

ACIN I-64-86 (July 16, 1986)
Provisions Of Assembly Bill 749, Adult Protective Services

ACIN I-65-86 (July 18, 1986)
Effects Of Bankruptcy On Public Assistance

ACIN I-66-86 (July 22, 1986)
Aid To Families With Dependent Children And Food Stamp County Corrective Action Liaisons

ACIN I-67-86 (July 22, 1986)
In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Case Management Information Payrolling System (CMIPS) Payrolling Report Distribution Update Questionnaire

ACIN I-68-86 (July 24, 1986)
In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Case Management Information Payrolling System (CMIPS): Additional Primary Language Codes

ACIN I-69-86 (July 30, 1986)
AB 3632/AB 882 Implementation Information

ACIN I-70-86 (July 30, 1986)
Child Abuse investigations On School Grounds

ACIN I-71-86 (July 30, 1986)
In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Uniform Needs Assessment Project

ACIN I-72-86 (July 31, 1986)
Forms, reports And Reporting For The Food Stamp Program

ACIN I-73-86 (August 1, 1986)
Foster Parents Liability Insurance Coverage

ACIN I-75-86 (August 13, 1986)
DSS Publication O A New Pamphlet On Child Abuse Reporting

ACIN I-76-86 (August 19, 1986)
Food Stamp State Corrective Action Plan

ACIN I-77-86 (August 20, 1986)
Refugee demonstration Project Conversion Period

ACIN I-78-86 (August 28, 1986)
Referrals To Voluntary Emergency Food Programs

ACIN I-79-86 (August 29, 1986)
Adult Services Annual Conference

ACIN I-80-86 (August 29, 1986)
Use Of In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Case Management Information Payrolling System (CMIPS) For Non-IHSS Cases

ACIN I-81-86 (August 29, 1986)
Adoption Assistance Program Brochure

ACIN I-82-86 (August 29, 1986)
State Programs For Non-Federal AFDC, RCA And RDP Recipients

ACIN I-83-86 (September 3, 1986)
Warehouse Closure For Inventory

ACIN I-84-86 (September 8, 1986)
AFDC Quality Control Corrective Action Progress Report, October 1984 - September 1985

ACIN I-85-86 (September 10, 1986)
Estimated Costs Of Implementing The AFDC Notice Of Action Two Column Format

ACIN I-86-86 (September 12, 1986)
CWD Salary And Benefit Statement, FY 1986/87

ACIN I-86-86 (September 22, 1986) Errata
CWD Salary And Benefit Statement, FY 1986/87

ACIN I-87-86 (September 17, 1986)
Interception Of State Income Tax refunds To Collect Delinquent restitution Of AFDC Overpayments And Food Stamp Overissuances - AFDC/FS Intercept Program

ACIN I-88-86 (September 23, 1986)
Implementation Of AB 3021 -- Comprehensive Perinatal Services For Medi-Cal Eligible Pregnant Women

ACIN I-89-86 (October 1, 1986)
Reduction Of Time Eligibility For Federal Reimbursement For refugee Demonstration Project Costs

ACIN I-90-86 (October 2, 1986)
Unaccompanied Minor Program Requirements; And, Release Of Information To Voluntary Resettlement Agencies

ACIN I-91-86 (October 6, 1986)
Release Of Confidential Information

ACIN I-92-86 (October 10, 1986)
MS 63-601: Food Stamp Coupon Issuance - County Welfare department Responsibilities

ACIN I-94-86 (October 20, 1986)
AFDC Regulations For Public Use

ACIN I-95-86 (October 21, 1986)
Fiscal year 1986/87 Child Welfare Services (CWS) And County Services Block Grant (CSBG) Funds transfer

ACIN I-97-86 (October 24, 1986)
Quality control (QC) Case Review Summary

ACIN I-98-86 (October 27, 1986)
Current Availability Of Transportation To Medical Services And/Or Appointments

ACIN I-99-86 (November 5, 1986)
Evaluation And Review Of The Current Statewide Case Management Information And Payrolling Systems (CMIPS)

ACIN I-100-86 (November 5, 1986)
Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)

ACIN I-101-86 (November 7, 1986)
Turner v. McMahon Field Study of The Two Column Format

ACIN I-102-86 (November 13, 1986)
In-Home Supportive Services Case Management, information And Payroll System (IHSS/CMIPS) Automated Shares Of Cost

ACIN I-102-86 (December 1, 1986) Errata 1
In-Home Supportive Services Case Management, information And Payroll System (IHSS/CMIPS) Automated Shares Of Cost

ACIN I-102-86 (December 1, 1986) Errata 2
In-Home Supportive Services Case Management, information And Payroll System (IHSS/CMIPS) Automated Shares Of Cost

ACIN I-103-86 (November 14, 1986)
Veterans' Benefits Verification And Referral (CA 5)

ACIN I-104-86 (November 18, 1986)
Recipient Informing Notice (M44-400A) For Hardship Supplemental Payments

ACIN I-105-86 (November 18, 1986)
AB 3632/AB 882: Clarification Regarding Out-Of-Home Parents, Claiming/Overpayment Procedures, Medi-Cal Eligibility And Dependent Children

ACIN I-106-86 (November 18, 1986)
Mailing Address And telephone Number Changes

ACIN I-107-86 (November 10, 1986)
County Plan Information (GAIN), Information On November Update

ACIN I-108-86 (November 20, 1986)
Appointment - Charlene Meeks

ACIN I-109-86 (November 20, 1986)
training On The Emergency Assistance Program

ACIN I-110-86 (November 21, 1986)
Additional Equipment Request Evaluation Guidelines For The In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Case Management Information Payrolling Systems (CMIPS)

ACIN I-111-86 (November 24, 1986)
Emergency Assistance: Application And NOA

ACIN I-112-86 (December 5, 1986)
Civilian And Army Condition In Child Abuse Investigations

ACIN I-113-86 (December 9, 1986)
Food Stamp Applications In Social Security Offices

ACIN I-114-86 (December 11, 1986)
Request For A GAIN Third Party Assessment Form (GAIN 32)

ACIN I-115-86 (December 12, 1986)
Hardship Supplemental Payment Request Form (CA 40)

ACIN I-116-86 (December 16, 1986)
1986 Chaptered Legislation Related Child Welfare Services

ACIN I-117-86 (December 23, 1986)
Work Products Of Three Corrective Action Workshops

ACIN I-118-86 (December 23, 1986)
Photolisting Album And Adoption Assistance Program Training

ACIN I-119-86 (December 26, 1986)
Stock Of AFDC Notices Of Action In State Warehouse Notices Of Action NA960X And NA960Y (Spanish)

ACIN I-120-86 (December 31, 1986)
Food Stamp Quality Control Results (October 1985 - March 1986)