Policy Interpretations

Income and Eligibility Verification System (IEVS)

PI 16-07      IEVS Non-Compliance
PI 17-03      IEVS Non-Compliance
PI 17-07      Applicant IEVS Intake
PI 17-33A   Calculating Over Issuance for Nationwide Prisoner Match
PI 17-35      Statue of Limitations
PI 17-44      PARIS Match
PI 18-02      Mid Period Incarceration
PI 18-04      IEVS Non-Compliance and Inter County Transfer
PI 18-17      Closed Cases IEVS 

Special Investigative Unit (SIU)
PI 17-02      SIU Interviews
PI 17-09      Failure to Cooperate SIU
PI 17-45      Bitcoin 

Treasury Offset Program (TOP)
PI 17-10     Non Paying Co-Debtor
PI 17-11     FTB Debts - Appeal Requests
PI 17-12     Tax Intercept for Active Case with IPV
PI 17-13     Tax Intercept for Active Case with IPV
PI 17-15     Tax Intercept Credit
PI 17-16     Two Debtors
PI 17-21     Tax Intercept Refund
PI 17-23     Tax Offset Refund
PI 17-29     Tax Intercept Second Debtor
PI 18-02     Tax Intercept Applied to CalWORKs
PI 18-10     TOP Over Payment
PI 18-24     TOP House Hold Members
PI 18-25     Tax Intercept
PI 18-28     CalFresh Offset
PI 18-35     Appeal FTB Intercept 

Fair Hearings
PI 17-01     Fair Hearing
PI 17-41     Aid Paid Pending

Administrative Disqualification Hearing (ADH)
PI 17-14     DCA Required for IPV
PI 17-17     ADH Penalties Undocumented
PI 17-43     Dismissal of ADH Prosecution
PI 18-06     ADH Waiver

PI 16-11     Fraud Prevention

Intentional Program Violation (IPV)
PI 16-14     IPV Validity
PI 17-24     CalWORKs IPV Clock
PI 17-30     California Tax Return Information Disclosure
PI 17-37     IPV Deletion
PI 17-42     IPV Permanent Disqualification
PI 18-11     Diversion Program
PI 18-16     Permanent IPV Disqualification
PI 18-22     IPV on Sanctioned Household

Over Payment/Over Issuance
PI 17-04     OP OI Statue of Limitations
PI 17-25     Write Off Debts
PI 17-28     OP OI
PI 17-33A   Calculating OI for NPM
PI 17-33B   Calculating OI for Out of State
PI 17-36     Unsatisfactory Payment
PI 18-07     Retention of OP-OI

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