Blind Services

Information and Referral

Under the Office of Special Services, the Office of Services to the Blind (OSB) provides information and referral on services, programs, entitlements, and products of benefit to individuals who are blind or low vision and their families or service providers.  OSB staff assists such individuals in understanding the availability of services, their eligibility for services, and the purpose and scope of the various service programs.

Public Information and Awareness

Our goal is to increase awareness to persons who are blind or low vision of the potential self-sufficient and self-supporting and to provide information about the tools and resources available to help persons who are blind or low vision reach their potential.

For whom?

Referral services are available to any individual regardless of income. OSB has published the Handbook of Resources and Services for Persons Who Are Blind or Low Vision, a comprehensive directory of social, financial, medical, and technology related to services and products available throughout the State. The Handbook is an invaluable guide to products and services designed to assist individuals coping with vision loss to maximize their capacity for self-esteem and self-sufficiency and can be downloaded from this website in either PDF or text format. 

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